access error 32000

@If you click OK, the database you selected will be renamed to |1 and then converted to |2. For more information on permissions and who can set them, click Help. @@@1@@@1, There were errors during the database transfer operation. @This can result if the table or query has only system fields, and the Show System Objects option is off. To repair the file manually, click the File tab, point to Manage, and then click Compact and Repair Database. Do you want the existing data to be tested with the new rules? Conflicts existed in | of the specifications. * To stop testing, click Cancel. @1@@@1, Microsoft Access can't read the |1 object because communication was interrupted. @@@1@@@1, Do you want to continue to search or replace? The database you are attempting to replicate cannot be converted.

In order to view the destination excel workbook after completion of the export operation. You are about to delete the list and all its data from the SharePoint site.

@Restart the OLE server, and then try the operation again. Microsoft Access cannot create the database in the specified format because of a Group Policy set by your administrator. * If the macro includes a SetValue action, set the macro to the AfterUpdate property of the control instead. @Close other applications, close the form, and then open the form again in Design view. The content you requested has been removed. Unknown function '|2' in validation expression or default value on '|1'. You don’t need to edit the registry to adjust these. @You supplied an argument to the DoMenuItem method that refers to a menu bar that is invalid. @Save the standard module to a different name, or delete the class module first. The form or report has run out of memory.

The wait period for an event has timed out. @You may have specified a control that wasn't on the current object without specifying the correct form or report context. @Extra joins must be removed from this query. @Do you want to continue?

@19@@@2, At least one column is too wide to fit on the page. Missing destination field name in SELECT INTO statement (|). Microsoft Access does not support this operation for Data Access Pages. Synchronizer could not be shut down properly and is still active. The SELECT statement includes a reserved word or an argument name that is misspelled or missing, or the punctuation is incorrect. @Specify an aggregate function, such as Sum or Count, for the field or expression you designate as the Value in the crosstab query. @@1@@@1, There was a problem communicating with the Source Code Control Add-in.

Your changes cannot be saved because the field '|' has been updated by another user. @Aggregate functions are only allowed on output fields of the Record Source. Thanks for this!

@If your data already contains valid HTML Rich Text, you can remove any extra HTML encoding by using the PlainText function in an update query. Cannot create partial replica of a system database. @@3@@@1, Do you want to remove this picture from the form? @Specify fewer arguments, or close unneeded programs, and then try to run the procedure again. @Please choose a name. Microsoft Access cannot read the data in |1. Objects is not checked out. Close unneeded programs and try again.

Texas The search item was not found. The table or query you are exporting contains more than one attachment column. Would you like to save a copy of the Data to Export at '|' for troubleshooting? A link to this data access page could not be created because the database cannot be exclusively locked. * The disk where the file is located may be unreadable. @@@1@1@6146@1, For the TopValues property in the query property sheet, you must enter an integer greater than zero. The site you specified does not support linking to a Microsoft Access database.

@@1@@@3, The setting for this property is too long. I have been trying to get TFS running on this machine for too long now. Decode the database, remove the password, and then try again. @1@1@3041@1, Microsoft Access can't print or preview the page because the page size you selected is larger than 22.75 inches. @You tried to set the PictureData property of a form, report, button, or image control. @The OLE server may not be registered. @|@@1@@@1, Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine must be on the machine running Microsoft Access. You have selected "Tables and Related Views" as the way to group objects in the database. The calculation of day or time difference with a + or - sign is not supported. @@19@@@2, The name you supplied is a reserved word. @Your application has been restored to its pre-upgrade state. @@1@@@1, You can't change the column '|' to store multiple values; it is part of an enforced relationship. However, the value of the property isn't supported by Visual Basic.

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