acrylic prints vs metal prints

Metal prints as many know have become very popular and in many cases have replaced canvas prints as kind of the de facto standard way to display and sell photography as wall art. You can learn more about the. Your image printed on a revolutionary linen-based material, with a repositionalble adhesive on the back! Two of the most popular mounting styles are recessed and flush. Built to last, using inks that have a fade-resistant rating of at least 100 years. By choosing a white surface, your photos will have bright, vivid and rich color tones. romaLuxe aluminum panels. Keep in mind that your highlights will not be as bright due to the metal showing through them. WIR uses a test method of 450 lux for 12 hours per day. This is why metal prints are an ideal option for art galleries, hotels and other public spaces. Discover more about metal printing from the award-winning lab WhiteWall. Talk to someone on the phone. Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints are both fantastic photo art products that will really make your images look amazing, but which is the best product to print. The same is true for the high-gloss finish of an HD Metal Print. Everyone is offering metal prints now including companies that used to be in the canvas game. Acrylic Prints & Acrylic Photo Blocks Buy Guide…, How To Resize Images Without Losing Quality For Printing, Cameras & iPhone Cases For Underwater Photography. For a more durable application, consider opting for an infused printing process. I printed with them because they were running a promotion, three metal prints for $10 or something, it was cheap, I don’t remember exactly how much. If you like a modern, graphic look, and want your prints to have added aesthetic appeal, direct prints on aluminum-dibond won’t take away from the impact of your image, but will serve to enhance it. Lets take a look at how these two options compare so you can best decide which substrate or media will work best for you. Others want the traditional warmth of canvas. Transport also becomes more difficult, making it not suitable for art exhibits. Not that I've had any of my canvas fade. There’s also acrylic mountings to consider, which give photos a distinctly modern, high-end look. Your photo printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag fine art paper. Create an amazing piece of canvas art, with the quality you can trust from the Photo Art Experts! In this Panasonic Lumix DC-G100 review, we'll look at the specs, features, build quality, price and more of this affordable camera for vloggers. Another difference between Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints is the thickness of the print. Wood prints look great mixed among canvas prints or large wooden framed photographs. Metal Prints are lighter in weight. You will also find that it is much easier to wipe off fingerprints and smudges from metal prints than it is from acrylic or glass. Find out in this review! $10 Gift Card Included. But if you've never bought one, you probably have acrylic print questions. Outdoor display - Classic White/Silver Metal Print, Bathroom or kitchen display - Classic White/Silver Metal Print or Acrylic Print with Standoff Kit, Industrial, modern look - Classic White/Silver Metal Print or Acrylic Print with Standoff Kit, differences between our Metal Prints here, High-gloss, vibrant colours - Acrylic Print or, Low-glare, satin-matte finish, accurate colours -. See what your images look like printed on a canvas stretcher frame from WhiteWall. Your email address will not be published. Metal prints can have a slightly softer overall look to them. If you are buying metal prints PLEASE DO NOT GO CHEAP. There is another major difference between metal and acrylic prints and that is the weight of each print. But that is not the case with CanvasChamp. Glossy finishes also have a sheen to them, making them a more dramatic choice that helps the image pop. This is why you might be really happy with the metal print from one lab and not the other even if they’re using the same metal (typically Chromaluxe), the same printer and same image. LIMIT 5 PER CUSTOMER. In fact, there are actually a lot of factors involved in getting a metal print - a good metal print, anyway. The acrylic print was a beastly 4.37 pounds vs our HD metal print that weighed in at 1.6 pounds. Some print labs charge three times more for acrylic prints than we do for metal prints. They are scratch resistant, waterproof and flame retardant. Search no more for the best laptops for photographers under $1000. The most common metal printing options are to apply inks directly onto metal and infusing inks into the metal with heat and pressure. I've had little chance to do much photography, and my focus now is to process a few old images to maybe print something for my walls. Your email address will not be published. The Sony a9 II is a feature-rich full frame camera with superb image quality and video performance. Want to learn more about printing with acrylic? Metal prints are going to be the more affordable option between the two. There are a variety of ways to print on acrylic, but the best printing companies use a process by which the image is printed and then mounted to the acrylic. If you choose a white surface, for example, your photos will be bright, vivid, and the details in every nook and cranny of the shot will be on beautiful display. That’s a huge difference. Regardless of which avenue you choose to pursue, it’s essential to get your prints from a trusted lab with the experience and the quality of products that will make your images truly shine. FAQ I wonder if that makes me boring. The same price and quality as satin, served up with a little extra pop! Another display option available for our smaller prints is a built-in aluminum easel, or, if you want to go really small, we have desk decor options in both metal and acrylic. To stabilize a camera doesn't always mean having a tripod. Comparing prices, our Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints aren’t miles apart, so hopefully you can choose your print based on other factors. And something else I appreciate is the quality of the mounting frame. I have plenty of canvas prints in my home. It’s so clear, you can look right through it from end-to-end. For easy access, here are links to each of the products we've included in this comparison: Depending on where you want to display your photo art can determine which product would be best. This hanging system is available for both our Classic Metal Prints as well as our Acrylic Prints. Jupiter, FL 33458, ChromaLuxe EXT for Outdoor Metal Print Installations. With that said, Acrylic Prints have a very smooth, high-gloss surface which means that direct, bright light may cause reflections and glare. Your image printed on premium photo paper and mounted on a solid MDF board. To summarize, here’s a breakdown of which photo art product you should consider based on what you’re looking for: Related: HD Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints. Whether you want to print an image of a Hawaiian sunset or your latest family portrait, a sublimation HD Metal Print by WhiteWall will give you vibrancy of color that’s hard to match. Shipping/Production Time The image quality is also high definition, giving your photos an added sharpness of detail. .cls-99{fill:#000;fill-rule:evenodd} Help Center. What is focal length? Make sure you go with quality printer. Just look and thickness of printing surface. If you aren’t sure which substrate is best for your photos, read on to find out what types of photos are best suited to acrylic, metal, and canvas. In this review, learn all about its specs and capabilities. As I mentioned in the introduction, we benefit from having an incredible variety of printing options available to us today. Mounts and Backings Metal prints can also be displayed in high moisture areas. So you have me thinking about metal and acrylic. Instead of having the appearance of floating, flush mounts give the print a little more body and bulk. The color will be more accurate, the vibrancy more pronounced and it will last much longer than a metal print. Although our Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints have several characteristics that set them apart,... Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints. When compared side by side, acrylic prints can appear washed out compared to our HD Metal Prints. Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints are both: Now, let’s take a look at some of the differences between Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints and certain factors you may want to consider before printing your photos. WIR testing results have shown that the image stability of a ChromaLuxe metal print displayed indoors is more than three times that of the traditional silver based photo papers used in making acrylic prints. The GoPro Hero 8 Black has since been replaced with the Hero 9 Black, but it's still a feature-rich action camera with plenty of mods to make it a great camera for you. With that said, our Classic White and Classic Silver Metal Prints do have a few more size options than our Acrylic Prints, and Acrylic Prints have a few more options than our HD Metal Prints, so if you don’t find the exact size you’re looking for with one, you may find it with the other. Yes and no. Acrylic Prints are our most premium photo art product—requiring over 22 production steps!—and when you see your photo printed on one, you’ll understand why.

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