american soldiers looting iraq

unfortunately, the inspection was either not carried out at all, or Knowledgeable sources told CNN's Jake Tapper last week that the White House-directed purge at the Defense Department may have been motivated by the fact that Esper and his team were pushing back on a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan, which would be carried out before the required conditions on the ground were met. After looting in 1991 during the uprisings that followed the first Persian Gulf War, the Iraqi government passed legislation restricting the export of historical artifacts. monetary value were taken by the US.”. Not only were government ministries targeted, and the homes of the Ba’athist elite, but public institutions vital to Iraqi society, including hospitals, schools and food distribution centers. In Iraq, Authorities Continue To Fight Uphill Battle Against Antiquities Plunder Heritage experts say hundreds of thousands of pieces have been looted at … "[The crowd] had their faces covered, carried knives and Kalashnikovs. In a statement to BBC News Online, Centcom, the United States Central Command in Doha, Qatar, refused to accept responsibility for the event. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. American Soldiers looking at art. The museum held the tablets with Hammurabi’s Code, perhaps the world’s first system of laws, and cuneiform texts that are the oldest known examples of writing—epic poems, mathematical treatises, historical accounts. Khaled Bayoumi told the newspaper, “I happened to be right there just as the American troops encouraged people to begin the plundering.”, He described how US soldiers shot security guards at a local government building on Haifa Avenue on the west bank of the Tigris, and then “blasted apart the doors to the building.” Next, according to Bayoumi, “from the tanks came eager calls in Arabic encouraging people to come close to them.”. They'll enable our American allies in their important missions in those countries. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Appeasing a group of millionaires with a taste for Oriental curiosities would certainly fit the profile of the Bush administration. occupation. authorities offered a laughable amount of money – some $20 million "So I walked to the bridge and asked the Americans there for help. During the 1991 occupation, the Americans reached the suburbs of great importance. The panel's chairman, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith of Washington state, said in a statement that he believes the troop reduction "is the right policy move," breaking with the ranking Republican, Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas, who slammed the decision as "a mistake.". kept in archives,” Fathi said. Souvenir-taking is a long accepted practice. March 23. Meanwhile, Thornberry said he believes "these additional reductions of American troops from terrorist areas are a mistake. This destruction started during the years ago at a conference in Paris, I addressed some ranking State By Barbara Starr, Ryan Browne and Zachary Cohen, CNN, Updated 2114 GMT (0514 HKT) November 17, 2020. It also held artifacts from Persia, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and various Arab dynasties. The looting of Iraq’s museums and National Library, with the destruction of much of Iraq’s cultural heritage, is a historic crime for which the Bush administration is responsible. In many cases, Americans just allowed our museums to be looted. At first, he said, residents were hesitant to come out of their homes because anyone who had tried to cross the street in the morning had been shot.

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