bad guys 2 ep 1 eng sub

1. Interesting.... That's what it looked like to me too. 1. No matter WHAT the source. After watching the first episode it just make me want more, I can't help but think Jung-moon is involve in Goo Tak's daughter death in one of Gpp-Tak's flashback in the beginning. Insane! To help maintain our system, we have to run popunder on player with very low frequency of 1 pop per 12 hour. 6) As others have pointed out, they have movies I can't find elsewhere. Yay, Episode 1 is fully subbed now. 'key' : '7fe92ee3179e745ef35eb5b2b7d62567', Oh shit. Soot Rak Sap E-Lee Episode 6 English Sub. Goo-tak barely gets a bite in before being called outside by Commissioner Nam, who asks if he’d like to return to the police force. (And why thank you, Bad Guys, for that gratuitous gracious abs display intro.). But as soon as Jung-moon stepped inside, he kicked the door back open, broke off the mop’s head, and threatened the officer with the sharp end—all in quick succession. Stream Korean shows online. it has that same gritty feeling that TEN brought to the table. FYI in case you don't know: often has shows I can't find anywhere else. Stelar cast for sure :). I'm liking Woong Chul's & Tae Soo's bickering relationship already! just posted it raw which I think means subbed version will be up soon ... Yippee. Thanks for the recap! Why?” Shaking, she asks why she should be sorry. I tried to find the episode on sites that I go usually but there is only RAW. 10:56. Speaking of whom, I really enjoy our trio of criminal consultants already, especially in the odd-couple dynamics between Woong-chul and Tae-soo. Did anyone notice how Goo-Tak was not at all surprised or even bothered when they realize that Jung-Moon beat them to his girlfriend. 'width' : 160, Homemade Love Story Episode 20 English Sub. Which is why he and his fellow detectives can’t ever really put their lives on the line in this job. Thank you so much for the recap!! PHJ you did good. It was you, Lee Jung-moon!”. I feel your pain, everyone :( I hope there are subs soon so that *everyone* can enjoy this show! Poor Inspector, she's got her work cut out for her huh? And well enough acted/directed that very little of the actual dialogue explained things we couldn't pick up on, like the details of the arrests. Woong-chul hilariously throws up a thumb-up sign. All currently imprisoned, we’re introduced to each criminal in turn: first up is PARK WOONG-CHUL (Ma Dong-seok), a mob boss who overtook Seoul in just 25 days. After obtaining Yoo-jin’s info thanks to one of Woong-chul’s contacts, Yoo-jin picks up the phone just as she’s about to answer the door. '”, Yoo-jin says she doesn’t feel at all sorry towards him. Bad Guys 2 (Korean: 나쁜 녀석들: 악의 도시; RR: Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul: Akui Doshi; lit. A flashback sheds light onto Goo-tak’s tragic past, back when he discovered his murdered teenage daughter and sobbed over her lifeless body. “Do you know what people need most to act like people?” he returns. appId : '127538621120543', I tried to watch Reset, but it's not grabbing me yet. A group of criminals are forced together to track down even worse villains. “Let’s die together.”. Tags: Bad Guys, featured, first episodes, Jo Dong-hyuk, Kang Ye-won, Kim Sang-joong, Ma Dong-seok, Park Hae-jin, Your email address will not be published. Not only does this show deliver on the slick and edgy directing style we’ve come to expect from this genre, but Bad Guys also boasts a strong narrative and tough characters who each pack their own mighty punch. Have had too many disappointments with 1st episodes being great, then slipping into idiocy, especially in the crime genre. ENG 03-TOGETHER WITH ME EP. A cop’s salary comes out of hard-working taxpayers’ pockets—how dare he give a falsified testimony? In the pouring rain, the hooded figure stabs Detective Nam repeatedly before disappearing into the night. Thanks for the website. Korean drama is one of the biggest producers of television shows and there is no doubt that there are many shows released every year and added to the collection. He’s also told that while they’re able to roam without cuffs, their pseudo freedom comes with a long list of restrictions from no alcohol, women, driving, violence, weapons, and so on—so basically, everything. 26 : MissD Says: October 18th, 2014 at 11:15 am. Just the recap alone made me intrigued and eager to see what happens next with Team Crazy Dogs and Mi-young. Also useful for the names of OST songs, but I don't play them there. Woong-chul notes that they’re here without being previously told where they were going, let alone why they’re privy to this case, to which Mi-young’s like, Why else? I love that Goo-tak lives up to that “crazy dog” nickname of his, and his moral boundaries are so blurred that he honestly has me believing that if he didn’t have a police badge, he’d go and shred every perpetrator apart with his bare teeth. I watched it last night. But I cannot find this show T_T. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. He waves away Mi-young’s attempts to establish some formality in either language or mannerisms, and makes it clear that he doesn’t put up with anyone who tries to take the reins away from him. Homemade Love Story Episode 19 English Sub. So we just have to wait patiently for them to replace the video with eng sub. (I just thought of a possibility re Viki: maybe it's a kdrama that's not available in my area? She had done her homework and discovered that all three criminals were incarcerated within a month of one another. So as long as Bad Guys keeps its focus on our newly-minted Team Crazy Dogs and the growing pains that come along with any new kind of relationship, then that should be enough to keep this show from feeling too much like a straight procedural show that solves crimes every week.

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