best temperature for aging cigars

The year's best cigars prove that the traditional tobacco aging process creates more complex flavors for a rarefied experience. Over 90% of the ammoniac smells will be gone in the first few months and 95% to 99% will be gone within the first year. It delivered a magnificent profile of cedar, leather, and raisins with a delicate spice that lacked nothing in the way of complexity. For cigar aging, however, this is not the case! We originally alluded that water vapor is smaller than ammonia vapor, when it is actually the reverse. A couple of notes though; at the lower temp, the aging process slows down, while at the higher temp, the hatching of the dreaded tobacco beetle is a potential risk. There is a limit to how long you should age cigars too. It comes from the manufacturer pre-charged, as do most humidifiers. Maintain your humidor. Your humidor will slowly return to a higher RH and if, after a few days, it doesn’t then add some water to your humidifier. Your cigars are an investment, particularly when you store them for a longer duration. If you still can’t tell the difference, I suggest you quarantine the potential problem cigars to their own “Tupperdor” for a couple of weeks, after which you should be able to tell. Therefore, a proper climate for the aging cigar involves a fluctuating temperature. When the tannins break down in to more simple molecules it results in a chemical reaction which releases a “woody sweetness” (actual wood sugars) formed by the degradation of the tannin. This is a special technique used by Santana at his custom-built aging warehouse, holding over 1,000,000 cigars! Remember a humidifier requires time to stabilize also; give it a couple of days before you judge the results. The size/number of humidifiers necessary depends on a number of things: ambient climate, your humidor’s construction, number of times a day it is opened, how many cigars are in it, etc. The second is the use of newly developed hybrid latex foams as the unit’s “sponge.” Many are capable of holding extremely large quantities of water while others actually regulate the RH without the use PG. type of wood, humidification and temp systems.) Any help would be grearly appreciated.Thanks,Luis J. Falto" —April 30, 2007 16:16 PM, "Thanks for the great info, James! If you are using distilled water or glycol solution, you don’t have to change it often maybe once or twice a month. “As you allow some of the moisture to evaporate, the essential oils will concentrate within the tobacco. Ultimately, this makes for a more well-balanced smoke with less strength and more mellow, mild, and delicate complexities. Consider this your deprogramming from the 70/70 zealots’ evil ways. I know I have said this a zillion times already, but I cannot emphasize it enough. Typically, I add distilled water when I hit 64% or There are two primary types of humidifiers: Active and Passive. Plus, you also have tobaccos that are grown with the latest agricultural technology, not to mention tobaccos that are grown in newly discover regions and the many new hybridized tobaccos. This is an ideal way to store full boxes of cigars very inexpensively. Thinner wrapper leaf is easy to damage, in a multitude of ways. If you ask anyone that has been storing and smoking cigars for years, they would tell you to relax. The most important ingredients in premium cigars are time and water. This almost-water-free combo will help to draw high humidity down. But no matter what you do, always store tubed cigars in a humidor if you are going to have them for any substantial length of time, because most tube seals are not air-tight. Not all cigars develop bloom, but those that are heavy in oils almost always do over time. “Tannins” are astringent, bitter plant Polyphenols that either bind and precipitate or shrink proteins and various other organic compounds. What’s even more remarkable is that Ashton VSG is an entirely amazing cigar right out of the box if you bought one today. However, that means the jar must be transparent and long-term light exposure is bad for cigars. Another benefit of keeping the cello on is that you can store sticks of different wrapper varieties together. Thank you! This is why it is critical to never overfill your humidifier, as it needs room left over in order for it to absorb excess moisture if needed. There are some advantages to aging your cigars for a given time period after they leave the shop. Doubtfully, but they will certainly reflect a more singular dimension of taste as time passes. so. We use Spanish cedar shelves for cigar storage because of its pleasant aroma as well as its ability to repel tobacco beetles. Personally, I like 65%-67% myself for smoking, and have smoked tons of cigars kept at 60% RH with no problems whatsoever. I followed up with a wipe down using Clear Springs 190 proof grain alcohol and isolated the cigars for several months.

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