desiring more of god

The Bible is very long, and there is no way to write about everything that is in it, you have to limit the extent of what you are focusing on. Not only that, but Piper is ignoring the part of hedonism where it's living for the pursuit of the pleasure of the now. Whether you carve out twenty minutes each day or an hour a few days each week, make a habit of fighting for joy in Christ through the habit of exercise. Used with Permission. And I've begun to wonder whether its popularity has less to do with how insightful it is, and more to do with how underexposed and ignorant we of non-liturgical churches have become, through successive generations of tradition-shedding, to the fullness and richness of our theological heritage. As I read the Introduction and first chapter, I was hopeful. Help me to lay aside everything that would hinder me from being fully satisfied in my relationship with You. I prefer a little solid meat to the hamburger of Christian faith that is a result.

So he opens up God’s Word, and asks God to teach him the Word. You will be assured that God has forgiven you, loves you, and will help you. Follow Desiring God on Twitter.

You can't just ignore that part of the definition, which Piper does.

Using that roadmap, I could easily pick out the points Piper wanted to make, and it made his work much more effective.

Piper has obviously faced a lot of criticism about his use of that word, as evidenced by an entire prologue justifying his use of it, two chapters, and an appendix defending himself against basically every current day theologian. Nothing on enjoying good beer. This was a beneficial and challenging aspect to me. He desired twice as much of the Holy Spirit in his life that Elijah had!
Recognizing the various blessings of exercise can provide the motivation we need to create space in our busy lives. He is happy / so long as we are on mission, God will give us fruit. I tried reading it twice, and both times stopped after the introduction: it seemed to me that Piper had conveyed his complete argument there, and if I kept on reading, all I would uncover was needless elaboration. Keep meditating on his Word. In the end I was left unsatisfied over and over, but it was HARD to change. What he says is certainly true, and there are certainly valuable insights, but I honestly struggled to finish it. In this paradigm-shattering classic, newly revised and expanded, John Piper reveals that the debate between duty and delight doesn't truly exist: Delight is our duty.

Blessings brother! + 'org' + '.' He suffered. That’s what the psalmist does (Psalm 119:33-34). Through this imaginative poem, John Piper shares a story of what might have been — an innkeeper whose life was forever altered by the arrival of the Son of God. Elijah found Elisha out ploughing in a field, and there he threw his mantle on him. It challenged me.

We have to cultivate a much stronger desire that will cause us to lay aside everything else that gets in the way of our rising to achieve something much greater in God.

This verse from Psalm 73 is one of the most beloved of all the psalms. Convincing people of Calvinism is not actually the point of the book, but that being my main association with the book and having been raised Calvinist by my father, I've never felt much need to read the book.

(5) The law of the human heart is to seek happiness Contagious enthusiasm for life's most important purpose jumps off the page, even as his Scriptural research seems impeccable. Thanks!!! “… in your righteousness give me life!” (v.40). WELCOME to “BB” No.

But Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:29-30). It can be a pathway toward deeper love and joy in our heavenly Father. That's not to say HE'S post-modern--far from it--I'm just using that term to indicate how relevant he is. Is my love for God just a sham? What if I had everything I ever wanted , will I still fear and obey God? Maybe it’s a new car, or fame. “Always [be] prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

Joy--as in enjoy>ment was frowned upon as unholy and selfish. It's over! Fulfilling that call is the greatest achievement this side of eternity.

I hated this book for several reasons, one is for how Piper takes things out of context right and left. Let Him speak right into your heart and spirit. ), And here are some related posts you might find helpful –. In Shona Murray’s book Refresh, she comments on the medical studies that validate exercise even as a means of fighting depression: “Exercise and proper rest patterns generate about a 20 percent energy increase in an average day, while exercising three to five times a week is about as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression” (72). --Christianity is seeking pleasure What is the limit to God’s Grace? What competes with God for your ultimate desire?

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