difference between frontside and backside 180

If you approach the obstacle frontside, the trick is frontside. Aerial7 Phoenix Headphones – Perfect For Snowboarding! So, a frontside ollie nets you a backside trick. But, for others, backside feels more comfortable. In Aggressive Skating, frontside and backside are types of grinds. For this trick, you approach the obstacle backside, then you ollie frontside 90 degrees. When riding nollie, the rotation of tricks is the same as in regular stance, i.e. In the air, frontside means that 90 degrees into your first rotation you will be facing forward downhill and backside means that 90 degrees into your first rotation your back will be facing downhill. For example, a rider in the "goofy" stance (right foot leading) does a frontside 180 when he/she rotates 180 degrees clockwise. For many, the more natural way to turn is frontside. When riding fakie, the term is reversed. This can be many things, rail, pipe wall, or slope/implied slope. If the surfer is facing the wave, he or she is surfing frontside, otherwise he or she is surfing backside. You will often hear snowboarders talk about frontside and backside: “a frontside 360”, “a backside 180” or “a frontside boardslide”. So imagine you’re doing one of these “boardslides” down a box. The same is true for skateboarding. Things can get even more confusing when describing tricks done on obstacles. The same applies to horizontal board-rotation tricks, where the skater does not rotate: a regular stance skater performing a frontside shove-it spins the board counter clockwise, as seen from above. But if it is one of those rails, like the one above, where you ollie on from one side – then it’s either a frontside 50-50 or a backside 50-50…. Most skaters find turning to one side or the other more comfortable. You will often hear snowboarders talk about frontside and backside: “a frontside 360”, “a backside 180” or “a frontside boardslide”. Although this might seem confusing to begin with, the frontside/backside tag refers to which side of the rail/box your were on as you started the trick. Frontside and backside are the terms we use to describe the direction a skateboarder turns during a trick. But if these terms are new to you, the whole thing can seem quite confusing! In Aggressive Inline Skating, frontside and backside are used to describe the way the skater's feet are positioned when grinding on an object. The first thing to clear up is the term boardslide. When their backs are to the wave, they are surfing backside. But don’t worry, if you’re doing lip-slides, you’ll know all about the trick names. A little, yes. It's so easy. However, these terms also describe where things happen or where obstacles are in relation to the skater. Neither is inherently more difficult, though. 10 Best European Snowboard Parks – Gotta Be These? You had to spin 90 degrees in the frontside direction – like a “frontside 90”. a nollie backside 180 spins in the same direction as a regular stance backside 180. Whether it is a kickturn, a 180 or a 360, we use the same terms to differentiate between clockwise and counter-clockwise turns. Whether it is a kickturn, a 180 or a 360, we use the same terms to differentiate between clockwise and counter-clockwise turns. rail or ledge) is to the front (the toe-side) of the skateboarder. If you’re new to skateboarding, you’ve probably realized that there is a lot of vocabulary to learn. Then, you can turn backside to come off regular, or turn frontside to come off fakie. Get comfortable with these terms, because they are used to describe the majority of tricks in skateboarding. The Frontside 180 is the first spin to learn for sure. Backside is when you grind or slide on a rail that is at your back before you ollie onto it. Once you’re on the box you’re facing dead-ahead, with your chest pointing downhill and your back is facing the start of the box. Interview: How to become a professional snowboard instructor, A handy guide to having a flutter on Winter Sports, Best Tunes To Listen To Whilst Snowboarding. For jumps, frontside and backside refer to the direction of the spin – but that’s relative to your stance (regular or goofy). Frontside and backside indicate either the front or back of the rider under the following circumstances: Regardless of which board sport you are referring to, if the rider is not spinning it indicates which side is facing the "wave" on approach. Read on for the answers. In surfing, when riders are facing the wave, they are surfing frontside. Riding forward is riding regular. For example, a left foot forward (or regular) rider would rotate counterclockwise to do a frontside 360 and clockwise to do a backside 360. Snowboarding Helmet – Should You Wear One? If the obstacle is behind you, the trick is backside. If it is behind us, we are approaching the obstacle backside. Doesn't matter which grab you do. For rails and boxes you might have noticed that things seem to be the other way around. If the rider is spinning it will indicate which side of the rider is first to face in the direction of travel. So it’s: frontside boardslide vs. (backside) boardslide. If you’re still confused about the distinction between frontside and backside, just remember this: Unless you’re talking about turns, the correct term to use depends on where things are in relation to you. Conversely, a skater doing a backside rotation/trick is rotating clockwise. First day powder day?…, How To Work Out If It’s Frontside or Backside. Actually, no. The terms forehand and backhand are synonyms for frontside and backside but they are only used in surfing. In the case of the 50-50, there’s a good chance that you’ll hit the rail/box straight on, in which case you can call it a “50-50”. It’s just common to drop the “backside” part. How did you get into this position on the box? Snowboard jumps and spins. When turning, backside is analogous to a toeedge turn, and frontside is analogous to a heeledge turn. Frontside and backside are surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and aggressive inline skating terms that are used to describe how a person approaches an obstacle or performs a certain trick. To be clear, when someone says “boardslide” – as far as the trick terminology goes, they’re actually referring to a “backside boardslide”. When applied to slides involving obstacles, backside and frontside take on different meaning: the terms define how the obstacle is being approached. What is Backside on a skateboard? The only exception to this rule is fakie as there is an implied 180 degree rotation already completed causing the expression to be reversed.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. Meaning that when you roll up to the rail and attempt to do a trick on it, your back is facing it. Back Side Bus, with the acronym of BSB, is a communication interface used for computers and existed in the microprocessor architecture to help with the connection of CPU with the memory line, for most cases L2. The terms frontside and backside are also used to describe which way skateboarders turn when they do tricks. The same is true for grinds and slides. For all enquiries contact us at snowboardingdays@gmail.com, We’re four days into the Breck trip, four days on the hill that is, here’s a brief update so far. You will have to turn your head when landing this one. On a skateboard, it’s more natural to approach a rail from one side, even when you’re starting out. When you watch pros skate, ask yourself if a trick was frontside or backside. The key is, it isn’t the direction of the turn that matters, but rather where the obstacle is in relation to the skater that determines if a trick is frontside or backside. What are they, and what is the difference? In snowboarding, frontside and backside have the same meanings as in skateboarding. To carry out a frontside boardslide, a regular-stance skater will rotate slightly clockwise before sliding, facing away from the direction of travel.

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