egg wholesale business profit

I have done my feasibility study and have list of consumers to supply to, but my challenge now is how to get good quality eggs(big) in illorin. Really the man named himself as Okpara and he duped me if 16500 for 30 crates of eggs, he advertised himself on JiJi. it is very lucrative, Hello annonymous,thanks for your post. please how much does it cost now and your e mail or number to call, Hammmy, what’s your farm location, contact also. #650 On the Internet there is a lot of information for learning forex trading. Presently i am working, but intend leaving as soon as i have other sources of income. the known vehicles (toyota hiace, ford E series, chevrolete express etc) all seem to be very expensive. I intented to go into eggs distribution starting with 500 crates in lapai in Niger state. what is the average price of eggs from the farm now? Please I need a trusted egg farm locations in Lagos . see yourself reporting to a boss and not to your self you will surely get there gradually. With your business plan in place, you can work backward from the number of eggs you plan to sell each week, to how many chicks you need to get to meet that goal. Hi Mr Ola, do you still do egg business? If you deduct your monthly expenses from this amount am very sure you will still have a reasonable amount to save. Please I am in otukpo Benue state how can I locate a good farm to supply me. i am a farmer and can supply as many a you want. Medium size=#550 for a crate RE: How Does One Become a Successful Forex Trader as a Beginner? Please sir, Is it better to start the egg business in rural area since there is cheaper standard of living. Lagos. Thanks a lot. The customers are available but most of them like the eggs delivered to them, Pls can u give the full address of the farm in portharcourt. If you decide to go into egg business in advance, that's fine as that may give leverage of income. Address: No. You should not let your eggs stay more than 3weeks in Stock. Darlinton omen pls connect me with dealer that Will supply me with egg. Keep it up and never look back, you'll make something really big from it. I have been meaning to start this egg business but am looking for place that can supply me. My farm is im badagry lagos, add me on facebook plssamuel omotosho is the name, Please I would like to know how to get started buying eggs n how much it. Hello dear, could you please give a precise location of the farm to me at eneka, thanks in anticipation. Address: No. My question is how do I pad my corolla to be able carry about 150 crates.i am about to start the biz, Thanks a lot Darlington, I am venture into it as soon as possible. Can I have an idea of the farm where to buy in bulk and supply to customers within Lagos Mainland? i have a 9-5 job like u too and i will like to supply eggs on saturdays, pls can u tell me where the farm is located in lagos? The basic tool needed for this business is empty crates, it could be paper crates or plastic crates. Farm is at Aiyedoto Farm, Ojo, Lagos . Good morning Sir/Ma. C on m, Pls am going into this business new,I seriously need egg with creates so how much, Fresh eggs for sale buy 100 crates and bags above and we deliver. Are you mobile? Thank you. but the problem i have now is to locate a farm. I want to start an egg business, i came across this information in the search for knowledge about it. Your business plan is invaluable. pls abiodun can u give me the location so that i can also get good eggs since i am a starter too. Good day, Please is it possible to get a business proposal sample on egg supply? I'm into the business already and would love to expand. You can also start your own poultry farm. I also want to know where I can get the paper and plastic crates to buy in bulk even for sale. It was just this year that I made further research and I got a collection of farms in the same locality in Ilorra near oyo town where their eggs are good and I rent my transport from a man in ogbomosho from where I bring my eggs to lagos. 10 Joshua Eke, off Alidada Street, Okota Palace Way, Isolo.

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