example of influence of gender on the dimensions of communication

Books and websites on body language offer lots of gendered tips, but they mostly boil down to the idea that males should take up as much space as possible and not cross their arms, and women should do the opposite. These differences begin at childhood. Our society has gender-specific options for all dimensions of physical self-presentation (although there are some unisex and/or more androgynous options available, too). It is commonly generalized that females communicate in a more indirect, elaborate, and emotional, sense that can reflect uncertainty, tentativeness, and a lack of authority. Women tend to place a greater value towards these skills emphasizing the importance of communication that expresses feelings and emotions. Hello! Ladies, maybe you have some ideas? The stereotype that women are more polite has several consequences for what we consider feminine and masculine styles. While there is perhaps a tendency, at least in the U.S., to assume that women surpass men in this particular category, the research does not support that assumption or hypothesis. Men may get away with wearing denims to a job interview but, in many cases, women are expected to don corporate attire. On the other hand, someone who refuses to let the speaker catch their eye comes across as fearful (not rising to the challenge). Actually, there's an interesting new book by Matt Ridley, which describes a large amount of evidence pointing to a symbiotic relationship between nature and nurture, however, it is nurture, or the environment, that triggers the genetic functions, as well as bodily functions of the so called human "nature". While males are perceived to have a communication style that is direct, succinct, and instrumental. Emotions are healthy! But today, the Verbal and Nonverbal Dimensions of Communication of men and women are hardly constrained by such attitudes. The rest of the class will identify the dimension(s) that they see. Men are highly stigmatized in our society if they sound too feminine, so they tend to shift less than women do, but there are certainly times when they, too, might “turn down the manly man act” to better connect with others and turn it up again to compete. When hanging out with mostly male friends, a woman might shift considerably, to be “one of the guys.” Likewise, when surrounded by women, a man may shift to a noticeably less “manly” style. There are many  , such as: every woman should be a mother to be fulfilled, every mother loves being a mother, or a mother instantly feels a bond with her newborn infant. Sign up for updates – free! Now, of course, gender assumptions are a two-way street. That may well have been true in the days of Maria Clara. If the child grows up in a loving environment through-out their learning/imprinting period, then it is highly unlikely they'll ever develop negative tendencies.Science is getting pretty close, and these recent evidence suggests that it is not nature versus nurture, but really nature VIA nurture. How many guys were raised to believe emotions were for the weak. It does, however, fit into the stereotype that women are more cooperative in their approach to conversations: by implying a question, they encourage a response from the person spoken to. Overall, women converse in a more polite manner, they avoid swearing and using intensifiers and tag questions, meanwhile men want to be treated as more independent, confident and assertive. Just be aware that there can be extremely negative social consequences if you do, and if it’s your goal to improve your social interactions, flouting gender stereotypes probably won’t help.).

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