grilled boneless pork chops

I had a few left over (raw) and just left them in the ice chest until we got home.

Denise – ditto on my comment to Brittany above, thanks for trying these so quickly! They were very juicy and tasty…I had been worried they would be too salty but they were not. I don’t want them to be spoiled and dry out. I don’t know if it is or not (moistest)….but so were mine. We love this recipe so much!

I do use a thermometer (OXO Digital) and just follow temp directions. Even chicken. Juicy, tender, & the flavor……..I’m wanting more now! We love these pork chops, and make them every few weeks.

Learn how your comment data is processed. These chops are fork tender and perfectly seasoned.

Grilled succulent boneless pork chops aren’t just an urban myth! These were wonderfully tender, but I didn’t care for the flavor. . These were a huge hit at my family reunion camping trip. Why do you say not to marinade more than eight hours? Maybe I’m thinking wrong. I always end up with dry pork chops no matter what I do. Looks like I know what I’ll be making this weekend. It might add a bit of a flavor on the meat. This post may contain affiliate links. This is truly the perfect 15-Minute Grilled Pork Chops recipe! I just tried this recipe and was really happy! Now, we have two family favorites!! I just made some lousy pork chops on the grill.

","position":2,"name":"Add the pork chops to a large ziploc...","url":"https:\/\/\/tender-grilled-pork-chops\/#mv_create_1159_2"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"Heat a charcoal or propane grill to medium and grill the chops 6-8 minutes per side (depending on how thick they are) until an instant-read thermometer registers between 145 and 155 degrees F.","position":3,"name":"Heat a charcoal or propane grill to medium...","url":"https:\/\/\/tender-grilled-pork-chops\/#mv_create_1159_3"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"Remove the chops from the grill, tent them with foil, and allow them to rest for 5-7 minutes. The pork chops were so flavorful and moist- usually they end up kind of dry when I make them.

I put 3 thick pork chops into the marinade mid morning. There must always be enough flavor when making pork chops with them. But I’ve heard in the past your not supposed to poke the meat. Ok, that’s not exactly proof, right? We are focusing on easy, simple recipes that everyone can tackle on their smoker and grills that the entire family will enjoy! They cooked up great even after being in the marinade for 24 hours.

Thank you, John! Thanks, Jenny! So moist and such great flavor! Oh, Melanie! I had just under 2 hrs to marinade them, but they still turned out so delicious!

Even my family knows her name now. Thank you for a delicious easy recipe!

These were AMAZING!! That recipe should come with a warning! Your recipe should be sainted , enough of this ‘the other white meat’ crap–pork is quickly becoming THE white meat for me, and the grilling suggestion is wonderful. I think I will use this marinade on my port tenderloin that I am planning to grill tonight. I thought I had it, till just now when I went to marinade it, I found a bone in each cut. great post. Steak Seasoning: here's an easy and delicious copycat recipe for the Montreal Steak Seasoning: 2 tablespoons paprika, 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper, 1 tablespoon kosher/coarse salt, 1 tablespoon garlic powder, 1 tablespoon onion powder, 1 tablespoon coriander, 1 tablespoon dill, 1/2 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes. I WILL make these again (& again). Yum! I usually only add equal amounts of black pepper , garlic and onion powder .

So I was just curious if you did or if you had heard it shouldnt be done, etc. 1/4 cup olive oil Thanks for another great recipe!! I made these for a dinner party less than a week ago to rave reviews!

This is by far the best pork chop recipe I have tried. Pork: this recipe is quite adaptable - bone-in pork chops would probably work as well; I just prefer boneless. Replies to my comments

After trying this recipe, I LOVE PORK CHOPS!!! Thanks for sharing. The search is over, and I’m already thinking of the different sides that would go well with these yummy pork chops.

I can’t think of any reason this marinade and cooking method wouldn’t work for flank/flat iron/skirt steak. Will be looking up more of your recipes! Hardly any cleanup. Used it to make these Pork Chops and the wife and I egress it was the best grilled pork chop we’ve ever had. The pork is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. The total cooking time for your pork chops will depend on the size and thickness of your meat, as well as the temperature of your grill and whether you're using bone-in or boneless chops. Hello, Tidy posting. I marinated it for about 2 hours. Grilled Boneless Pork Chops are an easy and healthy dinner recipe on your grill! I grill 2 at a time. Probably the best way I’ve had pork chops. Thanks for checking in so quickly to let me know. Sprinkle pork chops with rub and massage into meat on both sides. You might try broiling them, too, if you decide not to bake them. Thanks, Tricia – so glad you liked the chops!

Thanks for sharing your Tender Grilled Pork Chops recipe! This was the best pork chop marinade we’ve had in a long time! 375? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Both turned out great!

Julie – I’d check them after an additional minute or two. Inspired by local traditions and seasonal fare, you'll find plenty of easy, comforting recipes that bring your family together around the table. I'm so glad that you shared the recipe with others, too!

Thank you for all your delicious recipes. Love it!

(we LOVE Uncle Chris’) Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Monica. Just made the Zucchini Chocolate cake, what an easy recipe!!! Will try the cooking method again but will look for another marinade.

So simple and very tasty. Hi Kim – I definitely think you could use an alternate indoor grill but because I don’t own one and am not familiar with temp settings, you’ll probably have to play around and experiment.

I’m an awful cook lol but I followed this recipe except baked at 400 for 20 min and the chops were wonderful!

HOLY COW! Thank you so much!

It does!

I was like a lost kitten in the meat department trying to find this cut of pork.

There was no way I was saying no to that! Thanks Mel for a wonderful simple way to make an old dish “new” (& wonderful)! BTW: I did marinate these overnight and they were still very good. Katie – thanks so much! I made two extra bags with marinade/chops and threw them in the freezer. This was really good! Read my. These are a game-changer for me–and my family devoured them! Started the marinade at 9am put onto charcoal bbq around 6pm. I made the marinade and vacuum sealed the chops in a bag and put in the fridge over night. Everyone really liked the end results.The recipe is easy to make and produces amazing results. I can’t wait to try the seasoning – we love using our own. The chops soaked up all the marinade in just an hour. I’ll be trying this again soon. ? These are seriously the best pork chops I have ever made. Ashlee – I’ve actually had the no-oven request twice this week so I’ll see if I can add it – it might take some time to go through all the recipes. Made this last night for some guests and it was delicious! Everybody try this! This advertising that covers half of your postings is gone beyond acceptable. i just found this recipe via pinterest. I used Dale’s Steak seasoning instead of soy sauce. I’ll do some checking into that to make sure the ad isn’t printing. Thank you!

So don’t panic if steak seasoning isn’t living in your spice cabinet. These are the most tender, juicy & flavorful pork chops!

I tried these pork chops last night and they are Awesome, everyone loved them the only problem I didn’t make enough, Thank You for the recipe. Too much salt!! Often I’ll marinade more pork chops than we need for a meal and freeze the remaining pork chops right in the marinade to thaw and grill later. Lol anyways! remove the pork from the packaging and pat dry, then season!

I love it already and I haven’t even tried any of the recipes yet. I make pork 2-3 times a week and this is one of the juiciest I’ve made! I might try adding some brown sugar and garlic heads to the marinade next time. Thanks, Eleanore! I use low sodium soy sauce and Mrs. These were some of the moistest (is that a word?) This will definitely be on my regular rotation. While the grill is preheating, mix the rub ingredients together. 15 minutes

That would be a huge help since I try not to use it during the summer too! So I grilled them the next evening. Eight to ten min per side on the grill ( don’t poke too many holes in them while they are cooking) & they turn out amazing.

I’m only sad I didn’t discover this recipe earlier!

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