introduction to basic programming language ppt

heath & Wellness,eduction & training etc. © O. Nierstrasz PS — Introduction 1.23 “Hello World” in COBOL 000100 IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. Rather than convert our program to the language of the computer, the interpreter takes our program one statement at a time and executes a corresponding set of machine instructions. Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 Introduction to Python Python is a high-level programming language Open source and community driven "Batteries Included" a standard distribution includes many modules Dynamic typed Source can be compiled or run just-in-time Similar to perl, tcl, ruby, Why Python? Examples: 23, -1756 This type is for numbers with possible fraction parts. "; WHILE TRUE DO BEGIN WRITE (F, *, E); END; END. This is nat visible on any external interface and no data is sent to or received fram the Internet IDLE 1.2. So, start sharing knowledge and we are here to make that immortal !! 14.0/5.0 will give 2.8 while 14/5 gives 2. An alternative to a compiler is a program called an interpreter. printstring([H|T]) :- put(H), printstring(T). Input Edit Syntax or runtime errors Interpreter Output, n Python is a real-world, production language that is freely available for most computers. and educationists. Because they are reserved, they can not be used as identifiers. upper ( ) hw now equals "HELLO WORLD" 10, Other Python Objects Lists (mutable sets of strings) C] # create list var 2, C N One' var Tuples (immutable sets) 2, ( N One' var 'banana' ] 'banana' ) Dictionaries (associative arrays or 'hashes') { } # create dictionary var 40.20547, 'Ion': -74.76322} { 'lat' var varl 'lat'] Each has its own set of methods 11, Lists Think of a list as a stack of cards, on which your information is written The information stays in the order you place it in until you modify that order Methods return a string or subset of the list or modify the list to add or remove components Written as var[index], index refers to order within set (think card number, starting at o) You can step through lists as part of a loop 12, List Methods Adding to the List ' var[n] = object replaces n with object ' var.append(object) adds object to the end of the list Removing from the List ' var[n] = [l empties contents of card, but preserves order var.remove(n) removes card at n var.pop(n) removes n and returns its value 13. segments.These ppt presentations are available for FREE download. We believe in making your search INFORMATIVE and FUN. They are the names of things like variables or functions to be performed. 2. into message box end OpenStack puts "Hello World " print "Hello, World!\n"; Unix shell (ca. The meaning of the statements - what 0 Semantics: happens when the statement is executed. platforms and BUILD YOUR CROWD WITH PRESENTATION !! What, exactly, is a programming language? 000300 DATE-WRITTEN. 1 :54BS3, Apr 18 [GCC 4. Go to registration page (you can see signup link on top of website page) You can favorite the presentations, download presentations, and even embed them in 02/05/96 21:04. our users who have confirmed their slidesfinder login email. A programming language is a notational system for describing computation in a machine-readable and human-readable form. The thesis of this course: Themes Addressed in this Course © O. Nierstrasz PS — Introduction 1.10 Paradigms How do different language paradigms support problem-solving? We have created this platform Create your slidesfinder account and upload PowerPoint presentations for free, share on social media Comments Often we want to put some documentation in our program. When computing with floats, / will indicate regular division with fractional results. "); outimage; end; End; Transcript show:'Hello World';cr. click on SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK OR SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE button, by this you will be a registered member of slidesfinder No*, you can login with your account without confirmation. avail of full functionality of Note: Our textbook covers a limited amount of Python. How do compilers and interpreters differ?

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