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Tina tries to kiss Frankie, but she rejects her. When she brings up her annoyance with it, Iqra pulls her into a kiss in front of the Walford residents. I can't wait to get started and for viewers to meet the Panesars." Chantelle's brother Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) stays with the couple and, after becoming inspired by someone from Gray's workplace, decides that he wants to leave school. Habiba Ahmed, played by Rukku Nahar, makes her first appearance in episode 5871, originally broadcast on 19 February 2019. The Taylors later rent a room for Dinah and Bailey at 23A Albert Square so that Dinah can have more assistance.

[7], On 22 October 2020, Nahar made her final appearance as Habiba in previously unannounced scenes. On her casting, Garcha said "I am thrilled to be a part of the Panesar family! Karen decides to take Bailey on a family trip to Walford Park, but Dinah decides to stay at home and says her last goodbye to Bailey. This results in Ted deciding to leave Walford with her but, as they are leaving, Sheree reveals to Denise that Wanda had previously faced questions from the police over the death of her last husband. [33] As part of a "wife swap" event, Ash stays with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) for a few days. Alex Dudley attended Anglia Ruskin University in Essex, London and graduated with a degree in Journalism. Midge has his associates tie Louise's legs up and gag her and he threatens to throw acid in her face if she does not do as she is told, telling her that the shipping container is destined for Odessa, Ukraine. [22] Despite this, she is thankful for Denise's presence as she is Ellie's main support. She also found that she became "swept up into the vortex of the story" due to its power. On the opening day of the salon, Chantelle gives a haircut to a man and he gives them £100. Episode Count "[42] Producer Jon Sen said of the family "The Panesar family are set arrive this autumn and will bring their own unique blend of charm and chaos onto the Square. [41] When Ben fails to deliver, Jags kidnaps Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), though he is berated by Kheerat for this and later lets her go after Ben comes to meet them and promises to repay them. So thier is Sikh Family in Eastenders who are badly portrayed in very Indian stereotypical manner. [13] Midge is described as "thug", "dodgy" and "nasty".

I do think there is a shortage for representation of Punjabi families especially on TV so it's amazing to be a member of Walford's first Punjabi family. Sisters Duration © BBC

[42] The character and Deol's casting were announced on 21 August 2019. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

When the pair are gone, Sheree reveals that Wanda's ex-husband died under mysterious pretences, concerning Denise Fox (Diane Parish). All characters are introduced by the show's senior executive producer, Kate Oates, and the executive producer, Jon Sen. Upon Tiffany asking why she broke up with her, Brooke reveals that Bernadette is in love with Tiffany. Bernadette later messages Brooke, asking her on a date at Walford East, accompanied by Tiffany and Keegan Baker (Zack Morris). Before then, viewers will see Lola's shocking kidnapping when EastEnders continues on Tuesday (October 8) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

He later approaches Jean and attempts to initiate a conversation, but accidentally makes an offensive comment which causes Jean to slap him. Jean attends his memorial alongside Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami), but it is revealed that Daniel faked his own death because he felt that he was getting too emotionally involved with Jean and did not want to put her through the pain of watching him die slowly. Raymond's family, including Ellie's son, are killed in a car accident; Denise and Ellie meet at the hospital where Raymond is being treated, but Denise does not reveal her identity.

Chantelle and Kim resolve their differences, but their feud ignites again when they argue over attending to Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks). I can't wait to get started and for viewers to meet the Panesars.".

Daniel and Jean prank funeral directors Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) and Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) into thinking he is dying and wants a lavish funeral, guilt tripping them into giving them a ride in a horse driven carriage. Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis), a deaf character who befriends Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), is introduced in May. [...] She is powerful and ruthless, and yet you wouldn’t think she'd say boo to a goose, so she's got this kind of fantastic Machiavellian narcissism in a way, and it’s just wonderful to watch. Paris noted that Ellie does not want "there to be anything bad with Denise". A British Asian family of Punjabi Sikh heritage, Kheerat, Jags and Vinny are three very different brothers who turn up in Walford looking to settle a score – however, fate quickly takes a hand and they find themselves staying for good. Jags then feels comfortable enough to open up about another issue that has been bothering him, but how will Habiba respond?

However, they leave when. [47] Kheerat reveals that Ash had an abortion years ago, disapproving of her actions and accusing her of "murdering her own baby".
Things are set to get a whole lot louder in Walford in 2019. Chantelle tucks Mia and Mackenzie in for the night, not knowing it's the last time she will see them. The show worked closely with Women's Aid in order to portray the issue sensitively and accurately.

I start shooting a whodunnit film in January, with some amazing names. I'm looking forward to seeing what Albert Square has in store for Gray. A journalist who is reviewing the new local gay bar, The Prince Albert. However this angers Gray more and he throws Chantelle into the dishwasher, where a knife stabs her in the spinal cord, paralyzing her. TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Before the 90 Days – Is Lana Actually Real? [43] Kheerat is described as a "successful businessman who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it" and that he "uses his persuasiveness and charm to his advantage in every situation"[43] Producer Jon Sen said of the family "The Panesar family are set arrive this autumn and will bring their own unique blend of charm and chaos onto the Square. [34], Leo King, played by Tom Wells, makes his first appearance on 3 September 2019. Chantelle first appears in Episode 5891, originally broadcast on 26 March 2019. As revenge, Danny sends Midge (Tom Colley) to befriend Phil's daughter Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) and kidnap her. Shyanna explains that Dinah can only speak through her and says that Dinah is sorry for how she died and is free of her struggles. [24] She is introduced as the older sister of Bailey Baker's (Kara-Leah Fernandes) friend, Alyssa. [44] Adatia made his final appearance in an episode broadcast on 9 October 2020. He persuades him to come back to Walford and tell Jean the truth but he refuses. The 5 Greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme Films, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Monday, November 23: Thomas Falls Deeper- Holiday Preemption, Classic Episode, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Weekly Spoilers – Zende Congratulates Zoe and Carter- Flo and Wyatt Draw the Line with Shauna- Steffy and Liam Find Common Ground Thanks to Kelly, CBS ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Weekly Spoilers – Liam Won’t Let Up on Thomas- Zoe is Forced to be Honest About Her Feelings for Zende.
[21] The character's introduction sparks a custody battle between Ellie and Denise.

However, the relationship turns out to be the opposite as it is revealed that Gray abuses Chantelle, which is first seen when Gray becomes angry at Mitch for cheating at the Walford 10K run and accuses Chantelle of laughing at him. EASTENDERS star Balvindar Sopal is just seven years older than her on-screen children. Daily Soap Dish - TV & Entertainment News. [3], Since Sheree's introduction in August 2019, it was established that she had a secret, which was revealed to be Isaac in his first episode, an episode set on Christmas Day 2019. Gray apologises to Chantelle and she later forgives him. We are thrilled to welcome Tom to the Square, knowing he will bring depth and complexity to the role of Leo, a man who believes his father has been wronged and who will also go to great lengths to prove it".

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