negative effects of agriculture on the environment pdf

This system can remove up to 95 per cent of the organic matter from the effluent. The development of reliable irrigation has large economic and community benefits, which have been clearly demonstrated by flow-on economic developments from the Opuha dam in South Canterbury Man first started farming around 12000 BC and until then, he was more of a hunter and gatherer; and today, we have indeed come a long day since those days; today agriculture and farming to be more specific is an industry in itself. h�̘s۸����g2�h���Mfl�r|�c��\�u=��$^(R!����o�. 4896. Much of the literature is concerned with land degradation, especially water erosion. Irrigated farmland typically generates three times the production of an equivalent area farmed under dry-land systems. This creates a network of small drains across the paddock that lead water into the plastic tubing. It also largely depends on the type of practices in agriculture that are used in various parts of the world. %PDF-1.2 %���� This funding is used for practical, on the ground projects to maintain and restore indigenous biodiversity. Harris, S.; Butcher, G.; Smith, W. 2006. 0000021589 00000 n Increasing pollution problems have brought about a growing awareness of the effects that agricultural activity can have on waterways. Terrible Effects of Agricultural Pollution Agricultural pollution scores the highest when it comes to water quality impacts to lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Disposal of Industrial & Agricultural Wastes. 0000033619 00000 n Biodiversity means the variety of living things including plants, animals, insects or microorganisms. Dairy farming also tends to use a lot of water compared to other types of farming – in a 2004 Taupo study, dairy farming was found to use on average 83,000 litres per day whereas drystock farms used 14,000 litres per day. except for the East Cape where major gully erosion that followed wholesale deforestation and establishment of exotic grasses has led to sediment yields of over a thousand times that of the original native forest cover. Whereas historically farmers may have discharged effluent from dairy sheds directly into waterways, this is now prohibited. 0000004400 00000 n 4902 Impact # 1. 0000027580 00000 n Rainfall can wash this damaged topsoil and effluent into waterways. Biodiversity contributes to farming by assisting production in different ways. 0000026006 00000 n Council rules now manage or prohibit such modification. This environmental impact of agriculture is the effect of various farming practices, and it can vary greatly depending on the country we are looking at. There is currently around 720,000 hectares 2. Agricultural runoff has been a problem for New Zealand’s waterways for many years. Moreover, most of the assessments are of physical damage, although a few attempts have been made to estimate the economic costs of degradation as a proportion of agricultural GDP. Recent work has also identified gorse as a potential contributor of nitrogen to waterways. Industry groups are researching and working on education, support and innovation, guidance and field days to support this change of direction. Although its use on farmland was prohibited in 1970, high levels of DDT accumulated in the country’s soils during the years of heavy application. Local communities are coming together to work on plans for improving their local water resources. Streams have historically been modified in order to increase the workable area of farms.

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