north american super slam list

And I go back to MT this season. Jake is also answer questions on this thread. The Pope and Young Club is all about ethics and fair chase bowhunting and it's members are held to a higher standard. A banded bird every year or two if we are lucky. As far as guns go, I have used numerous shotguns over the years, but my trusty Elsie 16 is my favorite; I have taken a ton of birds with other shotguns, but my old Elsie has been the downfall numerous species; I even used it in SK, on several occasions, to take ducks, geese and cranes (well decoyed birds and Bismuth shot). I purchased my cat hunt at an RMEF auction in 1993 for $1,800.00. The categories include bears, cats, deer,..... More. Beside's none of us where as crazy as sheep hunters. I’ve never attempted the slam. WHAT IS IT? In Alaska, I was 36 yards from a SLEEPING bull. I'm not counting pen raised birds; naturally, I want them tobe wild. I read the "bucket list" thread with keen interest; it seems, the older you get the more you see the bucket... My bucket list is to get the Grand Slam; over years of hunting, I've taken a good number of the species. You will also receive a full bio on the Grand Master Waterfowl Hunter page of the UWC website. August 26, 2017 in Bird Dogs & Bird Hunting. Copyright © 2014-2019 | THE ULTIMATE WATERFOWLERS CHALLENGE | REFUND POLICY | POWERED BY VISUAL WEB GROUP, BECOMING A CERTIFIED MASTER WATERFOWL HUNTER. Chachalaca is a chocolate breakfast cereal with a vampire on the box. John "Jack" Frost of Anchorage Alaska was the first bowhunter to complete an archery Grand Slam. P&Y members enjoy informative magazines, fantastic conventions and access to the original bowhunting record book. The species listed below are the most common additional waterfowl species that may be found in North America and are eligible to assist in attaining both the Master Waterfowl Hunter Certification and the Master Elite Waterfowl Hunter Certification. And I discovered the prairies and sharptails. He missed the one grouse he flushed that day. The recognized 29 North American big game animals include bears; polar, grizzly, black and Alaskan brown: cats; cougar: deer; whitetail, coues, mule deer, sitka black-tailed and columbia black-tailed: elk; Roosevelt, tule..... More Canadian Slam — Harvesting the Eastern and Merriam’s in any Canadian province (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta or British Colombia) Mexican Slam — Rio Grande, Gould’s and ocellated wild turkey harvested in Mexico only. Common (Black) Scoter31. White-fronted Goose (Specklebelly)41. Out of the 10 categories of animals, there are subspecies of these animals. I grew up in TX and have spent most of the last 20 years in KS. Black Bellied Whistling Duck13. GSCO's Super Slam program honors members who achieve and register what they refer to as a SUPER TEN. GSCO also registers and archives international goat and sheep trophies.The goats are classified as Capra, the sheep as Ovis.The CAPRA WORLD SLAM includes 12 goat species from a recognized list of 36.The OVIS WORLD SLAM includes 12 sheep species from a list of 45.Hunters who complete a GRAND SLAM a CAPRA SLAM and OVIS SLAM qualify for the TRIPLE SLAM AWARD. Pink Footed Goose51. The categories include bears, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison/muskox, goat, antelope and sheep. King Eider27. For me it would be wild birds from species and sub species native to North America. Any time you entered the field , all were available . The recognized 29 North American big game animals can be divided into 10 categories and one species from each category will qualify a hunter for the SUPER TEN. Taking three sheep in one year was more than any bowhunter had a right to hope for.....yet the stars lined up perfectly for me, and upon my return home from Colorado,... Once again, I was able to go on a hunt with a fellow bowhunter and Bowsiter, and meet another one in Alaska. Surf Scoter32. The next day, I hunted for black bear in a tree stand that had a bait barrel within bow range of it, but it also happened to be in close ... What a cool animal to bowhunt! Personal hunting accomplishments are often referred to as Milestones because these goals can take years to complete. We will track each members list of waterfowl and certify each species on the UWC website.It's as simple as snapping a couple quick photos of the male bird you harvest and submitting a short online form to certify your bird. Greater Scaup17. These are: bears, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison/muskox, goat, antelope and sheep. The thought that it may be braggadocious for the hunter to claim taking the birds when the rest of the hunting fraternity thinks awarding the hunter's accomplishment is acceptable, kinda makes a guy wonder how the naysayers think the dog got into the birds in the first place. Box 310727 Birmingham, AL 35231 Phone: (205) 674-0101 Fax: (205) 674-0190 Email: Super Slam Hunt Drawings. SCI does a fantastic job of promoting bowhunting and recognizes bowhunters separately in their record book. Dennis Wintch's Rifle Slam; Lindsay Parker's Rifle Slam; 3/5 Slam - Rifle; 2/5 Slam - Rifle; 1/5 Slam - Rifle. With the Super Ten, hunters will need to legally harvest and register one native North American animal from within each of the ten major categories: bear, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison / muskox, goat, antelope, and sheep. REGISTER YOUR WHITETAILS AT WHITETAIL SLAM, The Pope and Young Club is North America's preeminent bowhunting organization.If you are a bowhunter and not a member, not only are you doing your sport an injustice, but you are missing the boat. Now I NEED ID for the landscapes,  blue grouse, quails, chukars and everything else. COMPLETED RIFLE SLAMS; 4/5 Slam - Rifle. If you are going to hunt with a decoy, you had better be ready, because if they... My plains bison was taken in British Columbia just a few days before Christmas. As waterfowl hunters what … Barnacle Goose50. Today, the Grand Slam Club is much, much more. Very few animals are willing to give away their location in the wild. Big Game Hunters have the Super Slam and the record books while Turkey Hunters have the Grand Slam. Resources. But the sands of time keep spilling and the world keeps turning, so I know the time will eventually arrive... One of the problems with a complete "Upland Slam" is that it hasn't been truly defined. Thus the Super Slam® of North American Big Game was born. I went five years ago to SD to hunt pheasant. Puddle Duck Division:1. The goal is to legally and ethically harvest all 41 UWC Certified North American Waterfowl Species (see the official species list below). A friend of mine, the late Dale Southard, once just missed a "Maine Upland Slam in a day".

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