one piece couples

New this was fake when I didn't see Luffy x Vivi, This is less nonsense than the majority of the shit that appear on this page. He's just not into it. So.. Oda alredy said that no relashionsip betweens strawhats and i actually support that so in my list of strawhats couples there will ne no couples between SH. -Luffy x Hancock ...... Im sorry but this is the only way Luffy can be in a relationship if the girl actually thinks they are in one and kind of force him or convince him with food. Zoro and Sanji are commonly a ship because of their bitter antics in the show. Smoker can chase pirates to the end of the world, and Hina can entrap them within her cold, black cages. LunaZoro, she can comment if she wants.

He said that they were all "in love with adventure".

Starting off strong, we have Luffy and Boa Hancock. Within the core cast of any anime, it's easy to imagine any sort of romantic combination between characters. When Sanji found out that his family was forcibly putting him through an arranged marriage, he was surprised to find that the girl that they set him up with was not only quite a looker but also seemed to share his interest and affinity for a cooking. Whole Cake Island had a lot of fun developments, and reveals the most pressing one that may haunt fans for the next few years - the mysterious relationship between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding. While nothing is really set in stone, fans probably wouldn't complain with a romance built with this much story. DO NOT!

One Piece is not a romance manga, but that doesn't mean there are no romance in it. Plus, their personalities mesh well with each other, with lethal mystery meeting lethal mystery in a match between the crew's top two killers. In Japan steht mal wieder der alljährliche Frauen-Marathon, der am 12. Romance isn't a huge deal in One Piece, but that hasn't stopped fans from shipping characters. Not only are the two long-time comrades battling pirates, but their personalities are near perfect for each other. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol.

By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. Oda a toujours dit qu'il essayait de ne pas introduire de romance dans son manga, mais peut-être qu'il s'inspirera de la fin de Naruto vu … Things were uneasy when Robin first joined, and Zoro was suspicious of her.

Though he was mostly a sly trickster on Syrup Village, Usopp did use lie filled talents to craft beautiful stories for the sick, rich girl next door.

Upon Nico Robin's arrival on the ship, Zoro immediately didn't trust her, signaling to everyone a tiny bit of a love-hate angle. While the two spent quite a bit of time together during Zoro's training, spending a lot of time under the same roof make them more sibling-like than anything else.

Despite all the wonderful fan-made romances that are out there, we’ve brought you fifteen of the very best to rank at your leisure! Todos os episódios, escolha a temporada: :bulletpurple: to be an affiliate :bulletpurple: RELATED: One Piece: 10 Things About Boa Hancock That Make No Sense. Also, the real perfect couple is Robin and Franky, thank you very much. As a mother or older sister type of figure for Luffy, we saw Shanks be that sort of father figure for him. With this ship in mind, Shanks time on Foosha Village definitely has a lot more going on than just taking care of Lufy. The only one I can see happening is Robin and Franky tho. Actually, I changed my mind, if I was going to choose a couple, it would Luffy and Vivi, or Luffy and Hancock.

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