optus 5g home internet review

Yes, I agree. There is defective Foxtel cabling and EMF in my area and the NBN drops out frequently. I have created this community to share experiences with others about my experiences using Optus 5G Home Broadband. Had 500 GB month to month wireless with no cancellation fee.I was told Modems need to send back to head office once cancellation has done and there will not be any charges instead I had to pay $ 160 for Modems. Before we get onto the move, and Optus' support during it, I want to explain why we even bothered to bring them with us. None that I know of. This is appalling especially when we are on a plan that is more expensive but we don't get the latest equipment.You'd expect Optus to be advanced enough to understand that when the connection drops out during a student exam, it would switch to 4G (SIM) immediately which is quite a critical requirement with so many of us working and studying from home. Anyway another transfer to fix the fetch issue I'll be sent out a fetch mini and will return my old fetch box and the $15 fee that was so graciously added without my consent will be taken off. Poor service, Poor help, No idea God help us. Red is the worst, green is the best. Built by Nokia, Optus' 5G modem uses a traffic light system for signal strength. I tried using messaging - but then the message app says you need to call 1300343302. No one from Optus will call me back or reply to messages. If they are like this with new installations, then what are they like with customers who never change. Home office on Optus 4G Broadband. So, we can check this offer in your account at anytime. I am trying to cancel Optus service and calling them. I wanted to keep people posted of my success or failure. Customer service were unhelpful as they refused to admit that they agreed to waive the fee citing they couldn't see my chat in their logs. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.com.au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. Great, I'm going to get started with the order now. We moved to a new house at the end of July to an area that just recieved NBN used Optus move but didn't have internet for the first couple of days until a technician could come out and install an NBN box, never was I asked about recontracting I only realised when they sent me an email stating I'm paying the wrong account but don't worry they're crediting the new account. This made me check their T&C for Privacy and THAT made me sure that even better internet speeds are not worth having a Facebook-level of tracking and data retention used against me. Optus, the masochist's choice: how I wasted 14 months and $200+ waiting for Optus to deliver an unpolished crap. Oh, also, to add a nice little touch, the NBN plan that they put me on was not even the one that I had asked to sign up for. It is fantastic - on my Surface Pro I regularly get downloads over 300 on Speedtest. When rooting around the internet on my current 4G Home Broadband connection (also with Optus) I noticed, due to the limited coverage there were not many reviews. He told me to install NBN asap otherwise I would be charged for electricity I produced. I tried to give it a go after that but 200gb literally lasts just a few days and we have to hotspot from the phone after that. Myself: Speed, Customer Service etc, Press J to jump to the feed. They have no loyalty and no concern once they sign you up. Totally disappointed, I should have taken a screenshot then. I am with another Provider for NBN FTTP and we get 27mbps as an average. Does @[name removed] know about this practice or even cares? So - looks like a long wait on hold ahead of you...Thanks,Mike. If you have any questions etc, please ask here and I will get back to you. They send you around in circles to so many people who have no idea how to fix their issues. Please confirm the details in the form are correct & accept the Terms & Conditions. We had some luck house-hunting, and were moving well away from Malvern East, into the City of Whitehorse, NBN nodes and kilometres away. Starting at 18:06pm today I was told I could not receive an NBN service at a new address. Optus threatened expensive cancellation fees for ending the contract before the 24 months had passed, and with the recession biting, and money tight for housemates in their 20s, we couldn't really risk it - though I was already looking forward to August 2021 as a sort of Independence Day event, where I could throw off the shackles of Optus quickly and easily, free of charge, and as Gandalf says to Theoden, I could "breathe the free air again!" the firmware used has limited this device near to useless, no external antenna so can not be kept in cupboard with other network gear. Hi, when I am getting nbn? There is a guarantee of minimum 50 Mbps speeds, but according to the review, I can get up to 300Mbps. After the second one they sent me a 4G dongle to keep us online whilst we waited for NBN to come and replace the fried NBN box for the second time in a few days. I would rather that than being treated with contempt by a telco. Complaints about internet services are at a record high, but now one telco has a plan to solve … The number of connections that I made online, to the help-line/customer support team honestly felt more stable and constant than our connection itself. Yes list our number, yes for display 3 to 5 business days to connect AND you must wait for their modem to arrive first. I ended up spending my 27th...Read more. When they came, the technician advised the site supervisor, not me the customer, that they needed to get an area near the footpath dug out. Orange is just okay. It is fantastic - on my Surface Pro I regularly get downloads over 300 on Speedtest.Only problem we have had is that I had to upgrade my network switch to Gigabit, so that I can get downloads over 100 on my PC.Optus told me that my property did not have sufficient coverage for 5G, but they were wrong.Glad I did it! OK so I've had a good experience with Optus and its only fair to give them some recognition because good service needs to be encouraged these days. But my mistake was nothing is writing, anyway i have tried to cancel the NBN and they say i am on a contract and have to pay some cancellation fee.Needless to say i have made them go back through years of phone recordings because there is NO way i am losing this fight.FRAUDULENT LIARS! Djuro Sen from Sky News Australia gave a review last weekend of his Optus 5G Home Broadband experience.Mr Sen said the 5G Optus Home Broadband service is “surprisingly easy to set up" and has provided him with "amazing speeds" which are "far better than the NBN".Check out the first 6 minutes of the Sky News video here.Do we have any Yes Crowders with Optus 5G Home Broadband? I am buying a service under Contract on a monthly fee which is paid UPFRONT - thus there is literally no risk to the provider. Home office on Optus 4G Broadband. the firmware used has limited this device near to useless, no external antenna so can not be kept in cupboard with other network gear. I was on 4G internet and 2 weeks ago I made the jump to 5G. When I requested to move my broadband service, Optus representative told me I was waived the NBN development fee. This is appalling especially when we are on a plan that is more expensive but we don't get the latest equipment. Optus: Neither work at home. 2nd probpem: 'Delivery complete' for a fetch box ( they tried to charge me $15 extra a month to keep my crappy 4 yr old fetch box as a new delivered 'upgrade' i choose on the plan Just get nbn from someone else. The two most important things to me:-The streaming service is great even at peak hour with 6 devices at one time.-Fot customer service you can actually communicate by phone to a real person. In order to place this order, your existing account record may be assessed for further credit eligibility and your credit information may be shared with credit reporting bodies, if required by Optus. After long exchange of messages my order was found but I was not sure if he is going with Optus of the shelf plan or with my specific order. So far the best Service of NBN from any provider, to say its great is an understatement.I have had TPG, iiNet, Myrepublic, Dodo, Aussie BB, they all have not come anywhere close to the speed of Optus NBN.

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