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This northern part of West Philadelphia is Powellton Village and Mantua. After her parents got married in the 70’s, they moved across the street from the entrance to Smith Playground, and ultimately settled in Wynnfield. All rights reserved. Alexandria Drafting Company, ADC's Street Map of Philadelphia Vicinity and Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 12th edition, no date. Panelists discussed climate change in relation to the health of Philadelphia residents, the connection between urban heat and systemic inequality, civic-minded solutions, and how public art and community driven change can make an impact. The presence of so many academics has created a diverse neighborhood, reflected in the cuisine of its many restaurants. WHYY is one of over 20 news organizations producing Broke in Philly, a collaborative reporting project on solutions to poverty and the city’s push towards economic justice. WHYY connects you to your community and the world by delivering reliable information and worthwhile entertainment. indicate that it was a redevelopment area on the date given in the last column. Henry H. Houston, a director of Pennsylvania Railroad, was also a developer, and bought large tracts in West Mount Airy and the west side of Chestnut Hill on which he built substantial houses for the wealthy who were making their way from Center City to the north and west. Head House Square, as the area is called, is surrounded by specialty stores, cafes and restaurants. Seeking to serve as an anti-poverty pipeline for low-income communities. Philadelphia Transportation Company, Street Map of Philadelphia & Vicinity, 1946 There are 3,000 acres of vacant property in the city. A few steps east from the square along Walnut and Chestnut Streets are high-end shops, specialty stores, movie theaters and more restaurants. The University City District, which is responsible for maintaining public areas, promotion and advocacy, encourages rehabbing of these spacious but tired homes through classes and preservation programs. In 1960, an urban pioneer could buy a building lot in the neighborhood for a few thousand dollars. Promoting safety in the neighborhood by engaging institutions, community- based organizations, and local leaders to dialogue toward developing an agenda for action. Today, sale prices range from $270,000 to $2.3 million. . Since the 1960s, three high-rise residential towers designed by I.M. Urban heat in Philadelphia neighborhoods: Trouble for Black, Latinx residents. Included among our many duties are the ongoing collection and disposal of residential trash and recyclables, as well as the construction, cleanliness and maintenance of our entire street system. Back then and even today, the block is all concrete with no trees in sight. […], The taking of communion is an important ritual in the Orthodox Church, and parishioners and clergy alike have been looking for ways to give and take communion safely. Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, and the locals have little patience with those who get the boundaries wrong such as real estate agents trying to boost the asking price of a house by shifting its location from a less-prestigious address to a pricier one. The dates given for the redevelopment areas (marked as R.D.A.) Many neighborhood names turned up without dates of origin in textual sources; we chose to include them as well. Mexican immigrants and Puerto Ricans grow jalapeños and gandules in Kensington. The initials R.D.A. […], The protest followed demonstrations in which police used tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets against civilians. Helping Philadelphians earn personal rewards just for recycling regularly and right. The community is so diverse, and so rich in culture, but we need resources, and for that we need to change and we need to continue working,” she said. Chestnut Hill/Mount Airy These adjacent neighborhoods share many things, including two train lines from Center City 12 miles to the southeast, housing stock (sprawling late Victorian-era mansions as well as the two-story brick rowhouses common to all city neighborhoods), Germantown Avenue (the main thoroughfare for both, referred to as the "Avenue") and Wissahickon Valley Park, one of 62 large and small green spaces in the 9,222-acre Fairmount Park system. Planning and developing balanced mixed-use communities to create thriving, well-served neighborhoods. Philadelphia is a city as well as a county. Extreme urban heat has a disproportionate impact on specific Philadelphia neighborhoods. The hills make Manayunk a challenge to bikers. When she looked up the neighborhood’s heat index, it came back much cooler compared to the other neighborhoods where her family lived in North Philadelphia. Children walking through the water area, people buying ice cream, finding shade however they can,” Morales said. [ November 20, 2020 ] COVID-19: Malankara Orthodox Church Adapts Holy Communion for Social Distancing, [ November 20, 2020 ] COVID-19: Physical Therapists and Patients Adjust to Telehealth, [ November 19, 2020 ] City Hall: Council Committee Discusses Continued Eviction Relief for Philadelphia Renters, [ November 17, 2020 ] COVID-19: Students at Pottsgrove High School Reflect on Year So Far, [ November 13, 2020 ] COVID-19: Veterinarian Offices Implement New Pandemic Policies and Practices, COVID-19: Track Coaches, Athletes Reflect on Lost Spring Season, Social Issues: Students at Elite Area High Schools Draw Attention to Race on Campus, COVID-19: LIHEAP Recovery Crisis Program Provides Assistance to Customers Struggling With Utility Bills, COVID-19: Pandemic’s Impact on Domestic Violence is Difficult to Discern, COVID-19: Data Shows Coronavirus Hit Philadelphia’s Browner, Poorer Neighborhoods Hardest, COVID-19: Malankara Orthodox Church Adapts Holy Communion for Social Distancing, COVID-19: Physical Therapists and Patients Adjust to Telehealth, City Hall: Council Committee Discusses Continued Eviction Relief for Philadelphia Renters, City Hall: Officials Say City’s Post-COVID Economy Must Be More Equitable, Center City: Demonstrators Rally, March Onto I-676 to Protest Police Violence, Philadelphia Neighborhoods Student Reporters, Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. The neighborhood had been in decline for almost a century, and when the federal government created Independence Mall between Fifth and Sixth streets from Arch to Walnut Streets in the 1950s, the city Redevelopment Authority bought up huge tracts of decaying buildings in Society Hill that were either razed or rehabbed. 5 (City History Society of Philadelphia, 1942) Targeting neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia that are plagued by chronic crime and quality of life problems that require a coordinated, multi-agency and community response. The median price is $289,000, a 28 percent increase year over year. Learn why Pittsburghers are so proud of their city, and master the local lingo. […], Physical therapists have been seeing more clients virtually. It includes Elfreth’s Alley, a warren of tiny rowhouses lining a cobblestone alley, which has been inhabited continuously since the early 18th century. Organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of to Pennsylvania develop, acquire, lease and operate low income housing programs for limited income people. Philadelphia lost at least 141 gardens and farms, according to the Philadelphia Garden Data Collaborative. Organizers demanded Mayor Kenney resign in response and for the police to be defunded. The northeast border is Mantua Avenue, the first street west of the Schuylkill River, the bank of the river being taken up by the Pennsylvania Railroad, and more recently, the Schuylkill Expressway. […], A City Council committee recently amended a series of bills aimed at tenant relief for those facing eviction. Today, these roads, now the R-7 and R-8 lines of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, provide service along both lines to downtown. Learn more about its fascinating history. To the east and across Germantown Avenue one would find the Reading Railroad line. On Tuesdays, the square becomes an outdoor market, with fruit, flowers and baked goods for sale. Learn about the flagship communities of South and East Boston, Jamaica Plain, Davis Square and Brookline, as well as nearby neighborhoods. Get to know the best places to call home in the city of Brotherly Love. In-depth, original reporting on housing, transportation, and development. “And it was really hot, you know? Campbell, William Bucke, "Old Towns and Districts of Philadelphia," Philadelphia History, Volume 4, No. Providing electronig access to zoning documents. As development pressures squeeze growers in some parts of the city, other areas offer fertile opportunity.

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