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“Georgi Georgiev This Week in Stupid - Regressive Professors Are Attempting to Unionise, Sargon of Akkad explains Kekistan to The Amazing Atheist #FreeKekistan, Kat Blaque Accidentally Destroys Anita Sarkeesian's Victim Narrative, Marxist Group Disbands for being Bourgeois, Redneck Revolt: Weaponising Working Class Identity, Joe Rogan talks to Sargon of Akkad about Anita Sarkeesian and VidCon. He's definitely not for everyone. He's a youtuber. 85% Upvoted. A portal to discuss Joe Rogan, Comedy, MMA, Psychedelics, Mind-expanding revelations, Conspiracies, Insights, and Fitness & Health. Thank god for sargon shedding some light, Joe: "I found it so easy, Jamie. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Then he says something along the lines of "It's amazing how well he does with such a weak grasp of the english language." One is weed, understandable but Joe's response to that is always crazy as we saw with Crowder lol another is Gobelki Tepe lol. There's several posts just today about Sargon of Akkad being revealed as the next guest when joe mentioned it days ago. Sarg is giggling like a schoolgirl and Joe just does not get it. Identitarians are people who use their identity (e.g. Granted I've only watched a few minutes total over a couple years but it was all just the incoherent spastic jump-cut style that the kids are into these days. If you don’t mind turning off your ad-blocker and giving it a try without, I’d appreciate it. 28 comments. Joe Rogan Experience #979 - Sargon of Akkad. This thread is archived. Close. Sargon refuses to be impressed by stone masonry and it's driving Joe fucking nuts lmao. Sargon cannot be wrong on anything. Email This BlogThis! Stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator Dave Smith is the host of the Part... #1562. We are making our own whole generation of celebrities. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently. No, Sargon doesn’t agree with us on a lot of things, but he’s an actual person with actual ideas that you can have actual discussions with. Archived. It’s his first time in America even. Those guests were mostly on the right, including Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter. Our website relies on internet advertisements to pay the bills. Video. Sargon of Akkad is an "Anti-Identitarian liberal YouTuber" ( Anti-identitarians oppose that. - Source, Sargon of Akkad. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When I search his name on google, this comes up: "Sargon of Akkad was the first ruler of the Semitic-speaking Akkadian Empire, known for his conquests of the Sumerian city-states in … Oh shit, things were going well until Sargon just sorta dismissed Göbekli Tepe. A former member of the Eurosceptic populist UK Independence Party (UKIP), he was one of its unsuccessful candidates for the South West England constituency in the 2019 European Parliament election . share. UPDATED, Correction Appended: Spotify launched Joe Rogan’s popular podcast this week. They'll probably talk about Anita Sarkeesian calling him a garbage human while he was in the audience. It’s his first time in America even. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, If you look into it long enough, sometimes it looks back. How annoying. Sargon of Akkad and Joe Rogan talk "bida" on the Joe Rogan Experience. I have been scrolling through these comments for the last 20 minutes, and I have not yet seen one single positive or supportive comment; they are ALL negative, without exception. User-created playlists and collections; Download episodes while on WiFi to listen without using mobile data Nicholas A. Christakis is the Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University,... #1565. Press J to jump to the feed. E... And if it isn't, why do they want to dock the pay of male presenters and simply give it to the female presenters? His latest project is... #1567. Zyndr 28. Podcasts 979 comedian comedy funny Joe Rogan Joe Rogan Experience jokes JRE JRE #979 MMA podcast Sargon of Akkad UFC Ultimate Fighting … I don't understand why he can't just say "you're right. 2 hours ago as the basis of their political belief (e.g. Senate Vote Opposes Ending US Wars in Syria, Afghanistan: It’s tantamount to a vote advocating a state of permanent war…Congress never actually authorized the war in Syria at all. This just goes to show how hated Jack Dorsey is, and also how spineless and unprincipled Joe Rogan is. Sometimes in these discussions it's like people think advanced can only mean industrialized metallurgy or wacky ideas of space age technology. Copyright Disclaimer: Works and images presented here fall under Fair Use Section 107 and are used for commentary on globally significant newsworthy events. Dumping With Sargon #26: On Sargon Trump Derangeme... Sargon of Akkad LIVE: Internet Trolls and Brexit P... Thomas Smith vs Sargon of Akkad Debate #Mythcon, Joe Rogan Experience #979 - Sargon of Akkad. Powered by, Stefan Molyneux on Abusive Relationships, Atheism, Race and IQ, Sargon: Antifa are Soft, Middle Class White Kids, Owen Jones vs Donald Trump's Baby Balloon. While I agree with the sentiment in general, it is what Joe is interested in and a large portion of his audience. save hide report. Mark Dice’s and Sargon of Akkad’s comments both being deleted. SKEPTIC NEWS. New comments cannot … #1569. I mean, it's cool if people don't find PDP funny (I didn't until ~2 years ago). The investing related articles here are only for educational purposes. We don't know." It bothered me how this Sargon of akkad guy couldn't shut up about that feminist girl. DISCLAIMER: we no longer maintain this "old reddit" site, for an updates go to the new one. A portal to discuss Joe Rogan, comedy, MMA, psychedelics, mind-expanding revelations, conspiracies, insights, fitness & health and whatever else you want to discuss. This will most likely be the brunt of the conversation, or he will try to steer it that way.. Or Joe has done some research.. Well it's a pretty important topic that's affecting laws, language, political discussion and general culture. I'm so sad at your skills.". Who is telling the truth?

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