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There is no non-stick cookware that compares to SCANPAN CLASSIC & PROFESSIONAL.

The sauce pan is available in 1.8L and 2.5L variety while the sauté pan is in 2.5L and 3.5L variety.

It’s a polished steel surface that gets stains and marks right away hence it’s really impossible to clean it well.

The new Scanpan HaptIQ series offers a fairly extensive lineup of products that include sauce pans, fry pans, sauté pans, Dutch oven, chef pan, and wok.

With the introduction of our coating called Stratanium, we have taken a huge leap in our journey in the world of non-stick technology development. If you choose to heat with high temperatures, only do so for a few minutes.". The pan base (the shiny steel part) of SCANPAN Classic, Professional and IQ can be cleaned with a stiff bristle brush. The discoloration of SCANPAN CLASSIC, PROFESSIONAL, IQ and CTX is actually expected: The SCANPAN surface is relatively “coarse” and will absorb some seasoning and food coloring. No.

If required, assemble the glass knob according to the directions in the user’s guide. They have a wide variety of different sets and items.

From our analysis and what we’ve seen from the long list of customer reviews, the Scanpan HaptIQ cookware is well worth the investment. On Classic, and Professional (NOT CTX) you can clean the cookware by holding under a stream of cold water while the pan is still hot, immediately after use. The 250-ton pressure gets rid of any air pockets or other inclusions, thus ensuring perfect heat distribution without hot spots. However, if you have an induction cooktop then steer away from this one.

Rinse in warm to hot, soapy water & dry immediately. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE HIGH HEAT: 1. Fill the pot with Ammonia and allow to stand for a few days. You can also use the same fine powder as recommended above, rubbing in a circular motion around the exterior of the pan. This certificate confirms that SCANPAN A/S is a participant in the climate initiative "CO2 neutral websites". Induction ranges use magnetic fields.

They are easy to grip even with oven mitts which you will need often when cooking with the oven as the stainless steel handles can get a little hot. The molten aluminum is poured into a lower mold, with an upper mold coming down to “squeeze” the liquid aluminum into the shape of the pan. Here is a list … Scanpan Non Stick Cookware Reviews … Henrik Hansen can also help avoid this issue: The WEB’s leading retailer of award winning Scanpan Cookware. 4. For the SCANPAN Stainless Steel, use any Stainless cleaners/polish as needed. SCANPAN Classic, Pro and IQ can be used without oil, butter or other seasonings, making it especially suitable for low fat diets. Scanpan is manufactured in Denmark to exacting standards that enable Scanpan to offer a conditional lifetime warranty for as long you own the product. Copyright © SCANPAN "It's also important to clean your pans by hand with soap and water. Chinatungten's high-density alloys will continue to perform, even under extreme, high-heat conditions. All-Clad E785S264/E785S263 HA1 Hard Anodized... T-fal E93802 Professional Total Nonstick... OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Dishwasher safe 12"... Commercial-grade metal-utensil safe nonstick surface, Cookware and lids are oven safe up to 220oC, Works with all stovetops including induction, Durable tempered glass lids with steel lining, Depth of fry pans might be shallow for some users, Difficult to clean the bottom and outside walls of the pans, Set includes: 8-inch Skillet, 10.25-inch Skillet, 2-quart Saucepan with Lid, 2.75-quart Saucepan with Lid, 4-quart Saucepan with Lid, 2.75-quart Saute Pan with Lid, 5.5-quart Saute Pan with Lid & 7.5-quart Round Dutch Oven with Lid, Stratanium consists of 5 layers in which hard particles and wave-like layers interlock to reinforce the nonstick layer and that is 50% more durable nonstick than the previous Scanpan coating, Stratanium browns, sears, deglazes, reduces and thickens sauces without the messy clean up; cook with little or no oil for a healthier lifestyle, Ideal for browning meats, flipping pancakes, searing tuna and more, this professional-grade skillet features Scanpan’s incredible ceramic-titanium nonstick surface, Completely PFOA free, ceramic titanium nonstick is bonded directly to the pan so it doesn’t blister, peel or scrape away, even when using metal utensils, Unlike other nonstick pans, Scanpan can be used for browning, searing and deglazing, and boasts exceptional food release for easy serving and cleanup, Compatible with all cooking surfaces; including induction; Oven safe to 550 Degree F, Securely riveted; stay-cool handle is gently curved for a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability, Smooth to the touch; the rim fully conceals the inner layers of aluminum, Scanpan Cookware Set includes: 1-quart Nonstick Saucepan, 2-quart Nonstick Saucepan, 2.75-quart Nonstick Saute Pan, 3-quart Nonstick Saucepan, 6.5-quart Nonstick Dutch Oven, 8" Nonstick Skillet, 10.25" Nonstick Skillet, 10.5" Nonstick Grill Pan & 12.5" Nonstick Skillet, Stratanium consists of 5-layers in which hard particles and wave-like layers interlock to reinforce the nonstick layer and 50% more durable nonstick than the previous coating, PFOA/PFOS-free; surface will not warp, blister or peel; squeeze-cast body eliminates hot spots for even cooking and browning, New five-layer Stratanium nonstick technology is made up of PFOA-free hard particles, Wave-like layers interlock to reinforce the nonstick cooking surface, Pressure-cast aluminum body delivers even, efficient heat conduction, Set includes: 8-inch Skillet, 10.25-inch Skillet, 10.5-inch Square Grill Pan, 2-quart Saucepan with Lid, 2.6-quart Saucepan with Lid, 2.3-quart Saute Pan with Lid, 3.8-quart (12.5") Saute Pan with Lid, 6.3-quart Dutch Oven with Lid & Stack ‘N’ Steam Insert, PFOA-Free; thick base provides fast and even heat distribution, Patented nonstick coating sears, browns, and deglazes with ease for more flavor and easy cleaning; coating is 10 times harder than stainless steel and scratch resistant with metal utensils.

This 6.5-quart capacity Dutch oven by Scanpan allows you to make stews, chili, and soups effortlessly. Our polished stainless steel exterior may be polished with any commercial-grade stainless steel cleaners that are available nationwide at grocery stores and any cookware specialty retailer. In case of SCANPAN Classic, Professional and IQ, the ceramic titanium is completely and securely encasing the aluminum pan body, anyway! For CTX this immersion WILL damage the pan.

Stainless Steel will discolor and oxidize after application of heat. SCANPAN's nonstick cookware can handle temperatures higher than 95% of the fats used in the kitchen. The nonstick coating is quite coarse and as such, they’re bound to be some absorption of the seasoning as well as food colorings.

Another point where SCANPAN stands out is that our production is based in Denmark – as opposed to China, where production can be inconsistent. The product’s magnetic base will not be damaged by being used in an oven or under a grill. We found this cheaper elsewhere and matched !! Ordering $690 or more of CTX cookware will earn you a FREE Induction Cook Top*. As with all cookware, cleanup is easiest immediately after use, while the pan is still warm and any food residue has not yet had a chance to solidify. These models are oven safe to 500 F. 3. If used within its normal operational boundaries, no damage should result. Copyright © SCANPAN

That, in turn, may lead to an oil and carbon residue forming on the cooking surface and blocking the nonstick surface from doing its job.

… Scanpan  Classic has glass covers and polycarbonate handles. ScanPan is a family-owned business based in Ryomgaard, Denmark, which exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.


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