substitute for isopropyl alcohol for cleaning electronics

And congratulations on a thorough and amazing article on this shaver and its comparison with others. When IBM CE’s stopped using the old tape drive cleaner for everything (MEK I think) they used a LOT of Limonene. Try adding a bit of water (progressively, in small amounts). I have had many people tell me that it’s OK to use alcohol but from 30+ years in the computer repair industry and working on many hundreds of printers, I found using alcohol only useful to use while ordering a replacement part. Isn’t 10% methanol standard? Maybe propan-2-ol (IPA) and propan-1-ol will behaving similarly but I wouldn’t know. No need for any solvents at all. As I thought about the refrigerant thought some more… seemed like the best was a banned one. Cleaning Electronics With Isopropyl Alcohol. It would also be useful to try an original Braun cartridge to rule out any problems with the station itself. Using these techniques, I seemed to have been able to prolong the life a Braun cleaning cartridge for over a year, as I manually & respiratory remove most of the stubble before I ever activate the cleaning cycle on the station. So there may be a problem with your unit if the red light turns on upon inserting a new cartridge. The concentrated solution comes in these small packets that can be bought in bundles of  2, 3, 5, 10 or 25 pieces. i.e. Possibly it was a sell off as it was phased out. Importantly the residual oils from ethanol may be problematic in this context as well, so the advantage of ethanol is not assured. And since the majority will be using 70% alcohol as that’s the most common variation, I thought I should too. Chemicals are found throughout the electronic assembly and repair process, but no solvent is more common than isopropyl alcohol. That is actually an excellent question. No solvent required. Adding the content of a CCRRefill to water will not do anything since it only contains food grade machine oil and essential oil. Then there are the sloppy ones, which petroleum distillation products – this crap leaves oily residues. Been doing it like this since 1971, no problems and no brain cells lost from solvent fumes. I use IPA from Kontact Chemie which is ready available in my country and a few drops of essential lemon oil. In fact, I actually prefer it to the concentrated CCRREFILLS packs because it’s even easier to use, requiring no mixing with alcohol. These were previously cleaned boards that were later reworked and cleaned again, and the areas that were cleaned with denatured alcohol corroded heavily. We want to remove as many of them as we can. Braun Series 9 Model Comparison: What Are The Differences? But now I using the new cartridge that came with it. Ok so maybe alcohol is problem lets buy new bottle make new solution and still same problem station works but shaver not dry. It’s just a code for the denaturant that’s being used, like 39-C, 38-B and so on. The question of ethyl alcohol vs. isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for cleaning electronics has several ramifications for the laboratory supply chain as well as the longevity of laboratory hardware. A which point you shouldn’t even be working with cleaning electronics. So that’s definitely not just 40% ethanol. For most laboratories, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is the preferable choice for cleaning electronics because of its rapid rate of evaporation and its ubiquity in the laboratory environment at the purity required to clean electronics without damaging them. It only takes 15-30 secs to clean it and costs pennies. Wood Alcohol and Antifreeze poisoning is Cured by Grain Alcohol. Thank you for your comment. I’m sceptical to believe they really use mineral oil in this as they say. The solution that came with shaver is the ethanol based one from Ireland. An automatic cleaning station is definitely nice to have as it takes care of cleaning and lubricating your electric shaver. Which oil? where can i find the concentrate packets? About every 5 or 6 weeks, I pour 70% Isopropol Alcohol up to about 3/4 capacity of the cartridge, to replenish the evaporated alcohol from the Braun cleaning solution. It is commonly sold at most big box stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores. Rinsing the shaver and the cassette with tap water will remove most of the hairs, meaning fewer will end up in the cleaning cartridge, which is a good thing. Yes, surfactant will bind oil and water but the original P&G seems not to use any oil. And the costs of buying new refills can really add up. This is a list of all the ingredients in each cartridge. They use limonene and glycerin as lubricants wich are soluble in water. The EU has declared that methanol is a big NO NO for any domestic sales. That’s usually heavy on the ether or chloroform type stuff. These chemicals have extremely adverse effects on EPDM rubber seals and can actually dissolve the material. If you leave the shaver in the station and it’s still dripping wet the next day, the drain hole may be partially clogged. Regarding your questions, you can definitely clean the Series 9 with water and not worry about any rust or other problems. Isopropyl alcohol is hydrophilic or water miscible, so readily accepts water into an azeotropic solution. 8 comments. The smell of it would preventing you getting that far. Some flux especially some of the water based ones are super corrosive worse than acid flux decades ago. In fact, according to Wikipedia, that’s intentional, to prevent easy distillation. I will be updating the article with a couple of other third-party cleaning solutions that I’m currently testing. Alternatively, ethanol-soaked laboratory wipes can be an appealing way to clean electronics. Copyright © 2013 – 2020 ShaverCheck. 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(I tried original cartridge and no issues found, light switch to ‘full’). It is cheap and smells nice, but I don’t think it’s a viable long-term solution. This was then confirmed by cleaning bare boards with the same alcohol, and the same corrosion happened there. I shave about 5 times per week. As a Braun user (model 7899cc, started using it in June 2018) who doesn’t like the idea of buying those cartridges, I appreciate all the info here! From now, I believe it is basically isopropyl, aqua, limonene, glycerin and surfactant (don’t know exactly why?). Or should I skip the flushing? According to Braun’s data sheet, they use either ethanol or isopropyl with a concentration between 60% and 100% (they do not state the exact concentration). It can be sourced in any car parts store. Obviously IPA is in short supply right now in light of recent pandemic events, I was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap and accessible alternatives for washing resin prints? That is correct, the paint chipping on the Series 7 is a well-known problem, acknowledged by Braun, but never fixed or addressed in any manner. 70% alcohol to 30% water. Perhaps my induction heating element has always been defective? It has following contents per 100ml : propan-2-ol 45 g, propan-1-ol 30 g, Mecetronium etilsulfate (INN) 0,2 g; purified water, tetradecan-1-ol, glycerol 85 %, some sort of parfum and coloring. Is it any wonder isopropyl alcohol can be found in all corners of electronic PCB assembly, rework and repair operations?

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