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Here are some of her sketches and drafts for the original icons.

In 1984 the first Apple ‘Mac’ computer was released featuring pixelated icons and new typeface ‘Chicago’ created by Susan Kare. Elle a “donné à Mac OS un lexique visuel universellement intuitif et attrayant […] Son but a été de dessiner des icônes figurant des signes instantanément compréhensibles”. But it is not just her fonts and contributions to Typography that make Susan Kare a design icon. All icons were monochromatic and the only way shading could be achieved was through the density of pixels.

Icons are a concept that we sometimes take for granted. Aujourd’hui, ses icônes ont été remplacées par des versions 3D mais Susan reste la créatrice originale. You can play around with it online at CloudPaint. And then Steve Jobs said, If they’re going to be cities, they need to be world-class cities. The icon remained unchanged as the Apple boot-up graphic until the introduction of the PowerPC Macs, when it was updated to 8-bit color. These features were designed to fit in with the screen resolution which were extremely limiting at the time, especially in contrast to how far computer quality has become. Susan originally worked on the user interface. She is of the view that out of million colors all the colors dont need to be incorporated in the icons and that once a well-crafted and meaningful icon is designed it doesnt need to be resigned frequently. Kare adapted iconography into the Mac’s interface. It took about a day, and I hammered out the capital letters and then the lowercase — I didn’t even realize that there are 255 symbols total, and I wasn’t really done! The Happy Mac icon was designed by Kare in the early 1980s and literally gave computers a face.

Elle est aussi la créatrice du graphisme du solitaire de Microsoft, et du Dogcow, mascotte d’Apple extraite de la police Cairo. « Nous essayions d’obtenir quelque chose qui puisse devenir instinctivement familier et clair, à même de guider les néophytes. Her new book takes a look back. * Reaching out not just to the market of people who were adept at mastering command-line UI but to the artists, writers and the crazy ones who could imagine doing more with personal computing. 1ère plateforme française de création de contenus en ligne, CREADS accompagne les petites, moyennes et grandes entreprises dans la production de contenus graphiques, digitaux, vidéos ou rédactionnels.
Aujourd’hui, Susan Kare travaille toujours dans le design, à San Francisco, pour produire entre autres des icônes qui soient aussi fortes et percutantes que celles du Mac en son temps. I really hadn’t designed anything on a computer, and I wasn’t someone who worked in grids. TRENDING : [livre blanc] Quelles sont les 10 tendances créatives digitales et print de 2020 ? Kare’s aim was to create icons that were distinct, simple but could also call up visual queues of what she wanted them to do. They should be easily comprehended and keep the users from getting confused by extraneous details. Here are some of her more recognizable icons: Susan Kare together with Bill Atkinson also pioneered MacPaint, a bitmap editor. Face à la polémique qui s’ensuivit, la guerre entre les deux géants devient très vivace. Still designing.

These are essential parts of UI design as this is how we hold our users hands and lead them through the various portions of our work. explique Steve Silberman dans le livre Susan Kare Icons […], Ses dessins originaux sur papier quadrillé et millimétré, où chaque carré représente un pixel, ont été présentés au musée d’art moderne de New York en 2015 dans le cadre de l’exposition This is for Everyone: Design Experiments For The Common Good. This was semiotics in action. Les auteurs sont en droit de demander d’éditer ou de supprimer les éléments qui leurs appartiennent. → Plusieurs articles sur,,, Jan 12, 2013 - Explore Visual Info Design's board "Susan Kare" on Pinterest.
Sa technique ? For the updated looks of Kare’s fonts, check out the MyFont page of her works. I needed to make capital letters that could fit into a very small grid, seven squares wide, nine squares high. Après la création d’icônes pour Apple, Susan était chargée de créer les polices de caractères. . When the update Mac OS 8 came around in 1997 Chicago was replaced as the main typeface of Apple products by one named Charcoal which was even more clear to read, even at a small point size. Créez votre compte dès maintenant. → Le site de Susan Kare

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